arabic swear words in arabic

It became infamous recently. It is, in fact, pretty difficult to translate. Kusumak: Mother’s vagina. Yikhreb beitak (يخرب بيتك) – Allah shall destroy your house! However, for Arabs this is one of the most insulting things to call a person, and you’ll most likely witness a fight if someone is indeed called a “chelb” to their face. come to fuck. This is what makes your blog so valuable... finding stuff like this that isn't in any textbook yet that is heard every day in Arab countries. It's not like in English where no one really cares if swearing is taught to foreigners. However it should be emphasised that under normal circumstances you would only use these words with very close mates. fucker).

salamualaik ya arabic student,im elle from malaysia and i want to say thank you so much for making this blog, im really appreciate every lesson you made and grateful for finding this blog in the first place. I always use el cacahuate, cacahuete instead of El maní. This is a never-ending list, but we decided to cap it at 8 to give you a starting point to work with. Yil’an kiss immak (يلعن كس امك) – damn your mother’s vagina! Literally meaning to “eat shit” but meaning also to “shut up”, this phrase is commonly used to try to tell someone to stop nagging or being annoying. I love the language and the cuisine.

We know when we choose to use profanity in our native languages, and we should be allowed to choose when we want to use it in any other tongue. THANKS VERY USEFUL WORDS FOR PERSON LIKE ME WHO DOES NOT ARABIC. Allah yel’ena’k (الله يلعنك) – Allah damn you! Biddi inkahak (بدي انكحك) – I will fuck you! dude their is more curseing words and those are nothing man . Weston #5 Meat Grinder Parts, I’m Lebanese and I sent these to my american friend, she keeps using them on me and it’s so funny wallah thank you she needed the explanation lol. The first ‘Shlonak’ is used more frequently in Syria and Iraq, while ‘akhbarak’ is used more commonly in Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. I’m not really 100& Arab.

This phrase means “may your father be cursed”, and is probably one of the most insulting ways to get someone into a fight. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. For me as MA student this is an unacceptable to use such words in my thesis I asked to avoid cussing and cursing. Zuldazar Pet Trainer, How Far Is Coral Springs From Fort Lauderdale Airport. Currently trying to imagine what sentence with all these swear words strung together would sound like. Use them wisely and tread lightly. This literally means “you bitch,” and is supposedly uttered to bash someone in the group or simply to demean someone.
How Far Is Coral Springs From Fort Lauderdale Airport, @Lu,ay Salam! Air: Penis. I don’t hear it that often, but it’s worth knowing.

By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. There might be some people who think this way but I reckon they are very very few. Curse words aren’t funny nor offensive to me, it just reflect certain people’s choice of words. This is a never-ending list, but we decided to cap it at 8 to give you a starting point to work with.

Yes, it’s a good tool belt to have at your disposal just in case there are other people who use it against you.

I can reply to them…. Thank you SO much for this! They think it’s fun to just string together a whole lot of swears at each other. Ibn al Kalb. However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. I am a passionate linguist and love how speaking another language opens the doors of communication and therefore a whole world. I mean I hear them used a lot in Lebanon, between brothers, friends, father and son, servants, even between husband and wife and son and mother. Do you know an interesting person I could interview for the 9273-roots series? How to get started again? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I just came back from cairo and damascus, i was live ther for 3 years and learning arabic..still there is so much more to learn. Barra nayk (بارا نايك) – Fuck you (avery strong insult), Mossi krary (مصلي كرارزي) – suck my balls.
It’s a form of cultural expression, although in an impolite manner. I don't really agree with you on the matter of cursing. Everybody always says that swears are the first words you start to pick up on in a foreign language. I used to work with a guy from Lebanon. It happens to most new Arabic learners, but in any case, I always ask all new learners to use these curse and swear words with utmost caution. Top 10 Arabic egyptian Swear Words English also has a similar insult, and this swear word is used to call someone stupid or incompetent at something. About the nature of Arabic swear words. He taught me an Arabic curse which I can no longer remember, except for the English translation: "Your mother is a camel and I fucked her".Ever hear this one before?

hey Arabic student, Being Arab and knowing most of these swears, it's not the fact that Arabs don't want non-arabs to know them, they can know whatever they want, it is the fact that in Arabic these swears just have a deeper meaning and sound harsher in Arabic, thereby when you say them you are essentially insulting people more. What are the ten different types of ما ma? Qawwad (قواد) – pimp [also, like in Egypt, ars (عرص) is used]. Add a Swearing Phrase How are family names constructed in Arabic? Spyro The Dragon Walkthrough, As always a word of caution is in order: be careful how and when you use any of these swear words. Sometimes also in the meaning of jerk (شخص أحمق). If you know any other expressions which are used as swear words or curses, please feel free to add them by using the comment section! The English translation essentially meaning “kiss my ass”, this word is used in almost the same context as the English one; when you don’t care what the other person thinks of you and you want to tell them to go away.

Stephanieanie says: 14/10/2013 at 11:07 pm. Also highly insulting. It's so difficult to find these kind of important things... you really need to know so your friends won't tease you!
It’s highly insulting. (It May Surprise You), 8 Hardest Languages to Learn In The World For English Speakers. I’m totally going to try and learn these so I call some bitchez a bitch without them knowing… I can’t swear in Chinese though, that’s a serious problem. The Box Mom Parody, Create a free website or blog at He said “shonak” means “how are you” and “akbarak” means “what’s up.” Is that correct?


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