athf carl quotes

Master Shake: Seriously, I do command it Frylock: I wonder who killed Carl's car. Frylock: Look. Seen it? Quinn Airgone • Friends/Allies Tera Patrick: [with her mouth stuffed full of corn dog] I wanna party with you! Oglethorpe: Impossible! So, who's gonna to get their dick ripped off tonight? Err: Would you just hurry up and fire it, it's getting heavy! Handbanana: Do ye think you can back that up? [screaming] WHEN YOU ORDER IT, YOU BIG FAT LADY! Meatwad: Okay, it's either you definitely *should* play with matches, or you definitely *shouldn't* play with matches.

I'm straight. This sorta thing happens every day! Carl: No, no. There's nothing up there! Look at my hair!

More Color and Interactivity

Meatwad: [about the movie Three Men And A Baby] I didn't like the men in that, but I liked the baby.

Oglethorpe: Well, I think screwing everything up is a funny way to he... Frylock: [after Zack Wilder was blown up] What are we gonna tell his wife and kids? Ignignot: We are Mooninites from the inner core of the Moon. Clear the crime scene and let me think!

Wedding DJ: Introducing: the new Misters and Missus Bortowski!

What is this? Ignignokt: We'll leave you be, fair brother. Santa Claus: Get me a mirror I want to see myself. Steve: [pretending to be surprised] Okaaay... you know, this is pretty nice!

The Carl Sound Board (Aqua Team Hunger Force). Cause if I woke up lookin' like that, I would just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it. No. Frylock: I just put it in there to get you excited about your real dinner... this... uh... celery stalk right here. You're something else! Come down here, you sucking f*** suck gay ass motherf***er! Master Shake: Please do not undercut me in front of the child.

Master Shake: Yeah I'm gonna be inside... away from you. Carl: I don't know if I can sleep anymore. Santa Claus: It's the middle of [bleep] ing July! Handbanana: Sounds like someone wants to get RAPED again. Master Shake: [Telling Meatwad how to cross the street] Look, theres only one way to get across this street, you close your eyes and just waltz out there with complete disreguard for machine. But I know you love 'em. Insane Homeless Man: [gesturing and mumbling insanely the whole time Shake was talking] OK, see you in the trees. Master Shake: Chickens are a vital link in nature's chain, and that's why we use them to play chicken-ball in the house. Meatwad: I'll touch 'em all the way to the trash can is what I'll do... Master Shake: You touch those and your G.I.

We, uh, we done here? Unclarified work from homeFootball commentatorStyrofoam peanut factory worker (formerly) Meatwad: But that's where Carl keeps his clothes!

Meatwad: Business of kicking your ass, and let me tell ya, business is booming.

Do you know how much those things cost? More Pictures But you see, nobody gives me credit, because I'm a bad risk, and I don't pay my bills on time. I don't read that. They're awesome! Cartoon Network Heroes • Frylock: No, just leave it to Shake, he'll know exactly what to say. Ya hear that? Dr. Orpheus • Me: (Every single response pressed in rapid succesion in order to insure that it sounded liek complete gibberesh.). Show my dumb friend over here where Gee Whiz is, willya? Master Shake: Wait a minute... Do you mean like in Tremors? Shake shuffles away] Thaaaaank you. I got one! I already have a wristwatch! You have probably seen the Athf Carl Quotes photo on any of your favorite social networking sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, or even your personal website or blog.

Frylock: That's it mister! You don't think violence *solves* anything?

They wore pantaloons back in those days. Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Master Shake: But look, I mean - is he going to be able to chase us? Shake: [breaks guitar] Now who has the material? Frylock: [destroys George Washington with his shotgun] Man, we should have cloned twenties. Meatwad: This one old boy, he give me a job mopping up late night at this children's apparel store.


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