azula slipping meme

At this point, we are well aware that Aang has a crush on Katara, and he wants to know if she feels the same way. I state that I have a good faith belief that use of the work(s) in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. What do y’all think, she forgot she could bloodbend would've ended the fight immediately, Really wanted that Azula redemption arc cuz the show leaves her off as a fucking maniac. Make Iroh confront these things and realize that he’s not done growing as a person yet. Take a closer look, and you'll see that the man is Ryu from Street Fighter! They lived in harmony until the Fire Nation attacked. That boils down to “give him an actual character arc” in a lot of ways. One thing you may not have noticed is the similarities between the first scenes in every Book; each one starts on a boat and shows Aang waking up. Fast forward to the Agni Kai in Book 3 between Zuko and Azula. However, seeing the friction this caused, especially with the Fire Nation, he decided it was best for each race to live separately while respecting each others' sovereignty. So as we all know, Yin and Yang describes the balance between opposite forces in the universe, including gender. Created with the Imgflip Meme Generator. That was a direct reference to one of the first lessons we see Iroh teach him, leading into his first Agni Kai against Commander Zhao, Season 1. In fact, her breakdown in the final season only happens after her best friends betray her.

Ty Lee: Can you make a joke? I mean i know i shouldn't stick my dick in crazy but I'd fuck. 2w 1 like Reply. Both nations were one of the most advanced in terms of military and science. Mai: I just saw Princess Ursa by the garden. However, he wins the Agni Kai against Zhao by breaking his stance with a leg sweep, a very basic firebending move. Mai: I just saw Princess Ursa by the garden.

What's your name, young mare?

A girlfriend!

So Sokka wants to know, as a warrior, as a leader, as a young man looking to an older man who might be a mentor: how did you give up on family? IMAGE DESCRIPTION: AZULA:; ZUKO: I CAN'T PLACE A FINGER ON IT, BUT SOMETHING ABOUT AZULA IS SLIPPING . Isn’t that right, Ty Lee? You’re the Princess of the Fire Nation, Izumi. Mans didnt listen to the old man when he said redirect the lightning, All Agni Kais shown in the series were against Zuko. Zuko knew that Azula was about go through a mental breakdown so he decided to just take her one on one. In Legend of Korra, it's confirmed that Toph had her daughter, Linfeng, with an earthbender called Kanto. Azula also apologizes for calling her a "tease" and her words seem sincere enough. The main instance of this in ATLA is between Aang and Zuko (though many of us did ship Katara and Zuko #Zutara4ever). Yes, I know about the comet power but just a thought, God fucking DAMN i need to rewatch Avatar I haven't seen it since I was like 5 and it was still airing new episodes, This fight has always been one of my favorites. Do you know what makes fire blue?

Surprised he didn’t start cock bending with all that big dick energy. I think it would have gone alot smoother. Mai: Play hard to get. All I think about now is "wow wow wubzi! Just an instant cartoon classic. I know most of the fans know this allready but let me reiterate when we first see zuko fight you can tell he is running on rage he tries to force his way through all of his obstacles but always gains very little ground. O-O-Onii-. The imagery and the colour clash of the fire is like ballerinas dancing.

When they walk in, she's arm-wrestling a man who seems very familiar and other patrons cheering on the contest. Because you don’t turn your back on family. Flip Settings. None of you knew why. This was probably one of the absolute best battles ever shown in a kids show. And then there's a particular scene when Zuko and Iroh are looking for a bounty hunter named Jun in a bar. If you analyze closely, each nation existed under a different set of governing rules. Now that we're all grown up, we thought we'd go back and take a look at the various secret tidbits that were snuck into the show, and that we might not have noticed our first time watching it.

Would Azula have been a threat to Katara if Iroh had made a different choice all those years ago? This is a dangerous question, in the best way. On a child?

iFunny is like the equivalent of an Anime fandom at this point and it’s hilarious in how poetically ironic it is. Take in mind this was a kids show. Some you might have seen on screen, and some require a thoughtful analysis of certain plot lines and backgrounds to really understand.


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