don hewitt for congress

And thanks, too, to you in the audience.

Heffner: That’s the question. Associated with a long preeminent CBS News for many, many years, its everyone’s bet now that he’ll just continue doing what comes so naturally to him ‘til the end of time.

But my weekly television “fix” still comes best Sunday nights on CBS with “60 Minutes”. Once you spoke about buying a network, or buying a news division…in a minute. Be Proactive.

Nobody ever fired Ed Murrow. Life is finite…it ends here, it ends here, it ends here. Declining ratings at 60 Minutes—after decades of being in the top 10, the show had dropped in rankings to number 20—contributed to what became a public debate in 2002 about whether it was time for CBS to replace Hewitt at 60 Minutes. Dayan shut up.

Hewitt: Anyway…great story about Murrow. It’s Ted Turner. Hewitt: It always comes down to a guy…I would trust a Newt Minow to decide what is right and what is wrong for broadcasters.

Either he’s a hell of an actor, or he’s pretty good. Hewitt: More of the same, I hope. Hewitt: Yeah, well first, let me comment on something you just said…. I mean guys like Tim Wirth and Tsongas and Warren Rudman…a guy…I would trust with anything. Heffner: But you know that’s not really good enough. But, but he…this guy has become the preeminent television news publisher. You know it’s like that great line of Satchel Paige, when Satchel Paige said, “how old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you was?”. Heffner: I don’t know whether there’s an element of sadness in your voice when you say, “it’s a business, they’re all businesses”…. You, you…you know, you work for these guys you better put some bread on the table. Be Truthful. Hewitt: Yeah, it’s true, but then when you come down to it you pick a President of the guy you trust. Hewitt: Well, I think that the problem is that there are no Bill Paleys or David Sarnoffs, and Leonard Goldensons around anymore, who…or Frank Stantons, or Bob Kintners…who believed very strongly that this was a public trust, and that the Ed Murrows and the Eric Sevareids were given the job, and the Howard Smiths, and the Charles Collingwoods…and the Walter Cronkites…of, of being the public watchdog because these guys felt like they were…they had an obligation in return for the airwaves they used. Heffner: So that what you’re suggesting now…if you’re going to go into re-regulation…stop me if I’m wrong…you’ve got to include cable…, Heffner: …and then if you regulate once again, and Clinton turns out to be what you believe he will be, and hope he will be, then his man at the FCC, or whatever we’re going to call it…he can really start regulating again. Hewitt: Yeah, I, I…no, I have no more plans…I’m glad they never sold me CBS News…Jesus, terrible thing to own right now. No, but if I owned a news division, I wouldn’t put at a 15…1/2 hour newscast, you know, once a day, that’s ridiculous. I’d sell news, I’d sell news directly to people’s homes, I’d put out newsletters, I’d run out sporting news. Now, does the watchdog need a watchdog?

I was there at the time, and it hurt me so because….

No, I don’t think. Hewitt: …the Old Producers’ Home…with Mike Wallace…we’ll be like the Sunshine Boys…that somebody is going to be a watchdog on this incredible power that television brings to bear on the society. I really don’t. [5] His father was a Jewish immigrant from Russia, and his mother's family was of German Jewish descent. We’ve been invaded by lobbyists…they sit and they, they occupy Capitol Hill. But first there has to be an effective agency, an agency that’s really charged with doing something. I, I think it’s been made better by the inclusion, or the, the hiring of Tom Johnson from, from the LA Times, and the whole Times-Mirror group, who I think has done a great job. You got a lot of complications in the 1990s that you didn’t have when you and I first started pondering all these questions. THE OPEN MINDHost: Richard D. HeffnerGuests: Don HewittTitle: ”60 Minutes with Don Hewitt” Part IIVTR: 11/13/92.

I mean if, if you’re going to regulate what goes over the airwaves…I mean the New York Herald Tribune goes over the airwaves, that’s how they publish it all over the world. And Ed said, “Oh, gee, General, you know, Cecil Brown and Elmer Davis.

I wasn’t the only one”. Right? They get to the plane, and they’re shaking hands at the bottom of the plane, Murrow goes up the steps, he gets to the top and Dayan yells at him, “Murrow…”. Continuing production of this series has generously been made possible by grants from: The Rosalind P Walter Foundation; the M. Weiner Foundation of New Jersey; the Thomas and Theresa Mullarkey Foundation; the New York Times Company Foundation and, from the corporate community, Mutual of America. A number of prominent media and… I mean we, we…I can’t say, you know, it for a fact, but from stories we’ve done, I am almost certain that Noriega was telling us the truth when he told us that Ollie North and Pierpont…ah, Poindexter…, Hewitt: …came to see him, and asked him if they could use Panama as a staging ground for an invasion of Nicaragua. Hewitt: Nope. Hewitt: No. I don’t think “fairness” is decreed by doctrine. Produced by ©2020 WNET, All Rights Reserved. Strickland received 20% of the vote and Doglio received 15%. And I’m not just talking about Republican things. And, you know, that, that was all part of, you know, it was…the Murrow gestures, the Murrow cigarettes that finally killed him…the “good night and good luck” which you stole lock, stock and barrel…(laughter), Heffner: I say, “As an old friend used to say…”. Well, that’s the way I began our last program, and then Don Hewitt and I just went at it.

(Laughter), Heffner: But what I really mean is that just as I would trust you, and just as I think I would trust me…not quite so far…, Heffner: …I don’t know about the other guy, across the street….

Yeah. You know, and I got, got to wonder…well, how does he get influenced? Would you have it not be a joke any longer?

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I mean the…you know, Bush kept, you know, he kept saying, you know, “this is a matter of trust” and the…more people trusted Bozo than trusted bush.

Hewitt: No, no, I think…I think it was Bill Paley who…and Bill and I were very close. Hewitt: Yeah. And they haven’t messed with me. THE OPEN MINDHost: Richard D. HeffnerGuests: Don HewittTitle: ”60 Minutes with Don Hewitt” Part IIVTR: 11/13/92 I’m Richard Heffner, your host on THE OPEN MIND. To this day I have no idea why. I’m Richard Heffner, your host on THE OPEN MIND. Hewitt: …you trust. I mean I think that makes the rest of them look like nothing. Hewitt …yeah…yeah. When we covered the Korean War you waited four, five days for the film to come in. Hewitt: It was…sure…Frank Stanton was one of the giants, but Frank Stanton and Ed Murrow feuded. As we ended the program, Don was conceding that…I thought conceding that just as you believe, Don, that the nation needs a watchdog and you think of the watchdog as the press, print and electronic, thought maybe you were about to concede that the watchdog needs a watchdog. I think the worst scandal of my lifetime was not Watergate, it was not Iran-contra, and it was not Iraq-gate, it wasn’t even Teapot Dome…it was the Gulf of Tonkin. Hewitt in 1987. Heffner: …they lived in an atmosphere, in, in an environment of responsibility indicated by the government, by law, by FCC regulations…they lived within a regulated industry. [3] Hewitt produced the first televised presidential debate in 1960.[4]. "[3] Within a couple of years, Hewitt stepped aside as executive producer at the age of 81, signing a ten-year contract with CBS to be an executive producer-at-large for CBS News. Video was shown of Don Hewitt and others roasting him, including former Senator Robert Dole and former President Clinton. I don’t know why it happened, it just happened. He later became executive producer of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, helming the famous broadcast of John F. Kennedy's assassination as the story developed. News is a very saleable commodity. Paley and Murrow were very close. I think so.

We should have sent troops to California to capture Alan Cranston and bring him back to Washington and try him.

However, his wife Mary Weaver—whom he married while working in Memphis—wanted to go to New York City, so he moved back. 2008: Hewitt was honored with Washington State University's, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 03:41. A roast of Don Hewitt, the creator of CBS’s "60 Minutes", was held to benefit the Spina Bifida Association. I hope you’ll join us again next time.

We just don’t use the 1,50 or 1,600 people around the world as well as we could. Hewitt: Yeah. . That’s not true, of course, we’ve been invaded. Box 7977, FDR Station, New York, NY 10150. I think the problem is that the people up top may be not as interested in having an Ed Murrow, an Eric Sevareid, a Walter Cronkite as their watchdog as the guys we all knew and loved did. I mean, you know, everything ends. Noriega worked for us. This Peck’s Bad Boy of broadcast news produced and directed the nation’s first televised Presidential debate way back in 1960, that initial, clearly fateful exchange between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.

Murrow went. His family later lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Even when “60 Minutes” gets me so incredibly hot under the collar – sore as I can be at what I think is unfairness by selective editing – I still struggle each week never to miss it, though the little black box generally holds less and less attraction for me each year. Mary Weaver with whom he had two sons: Jeffrey and Steven. And if you’re not they’re always messing , they’re always tinkering. Hewitt: More money…”60 Minutes” made more money than any broadcast in the history of television.


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