gaara vs lee

The Sasuke being used is way more powerful. But it does alter his overall control. Zu Beginn der zweiten Prüfung will sich Shigure die Schriftrolle Gaaras unter den Nagel reißen, wird aber von ihm getötet. Also the curse marks give around a 10x increase to all stats. Chunin Exams Sasuke was only equal to Base Lee in speed. I agree that the Chunnin exams version of both, Lee would win. Suiko fragt Gaara, wie viel Chakra in seinem Sand steckt, worauf Gaara antwortet, dass die Antwort sein Leben kosten wird. Gaara will seinen Freunden wieder beistehen und übernimmt wieder. Gaara because lee used a reverse lotus and it made him extremely vulnerable to Gaara's attacks and then when Gaara was just about to kill Lee . Lee's only factor he has above sasuke should be speed and taijtusu, but 3 tomoe is a massive boost from 2 tomoe, seeing how he was getting speedblitzed by cloaked naruto previously, but w/ 3 tomoe he was able to react and counter that very version of naruto pretty easily.
shukaku wasn't in control for the whole fight, and if he was, how does that mean gaara was weaker? Suiko, der seine Waffe nicht loslässt, obwohl sie noch von Gaaras Sand gehalten wird, wird somit ebenfalls nach oben befördert. Angreifer: Gaara lässt allerdings einen weiteren Sandstrahl los, der eine Sandsäule unter seinen Füßen erschafft, die Gaara langsam immer weiter nach oben bewegt. Suiko bestätigt ihm dann auch, dass seine Rüstung Chakra absorbieren kann. Das eigentliche Ziel der Shitenshounin ist allerdings auch Gaara, und Suiko soll ihn vorläufig beschäftigen. @zabuza777: I'm not really debating for Chunnin exam Sasuke. He wins. vs Gaara fighting competently would hit him with an AoE far faster than he could move seeing as his sand speed can even react to a 5th gate lee.
He used that when going against Gaara. He copied Lee's style for literally a few seconds and ran out of breath, gaara started talking to himself and went in the defensive dome practically giving him a free hit with Chidori and that was it. Dieser Artikel enthält Filler-Informationen. Doch absorbiert Suikos Rüstung gleich etwas von Lees Chakra. It's actually stated in the manga that Sasuke was equal to base Lee in speed. Auch die Konohanins Shikamaru, Chouji, Ino, Rock Lee, Kiba, Sakura und Naruto sind unterwegs, um ihre Schuld zu begleichen, da ihnen die Sunanins einst gegen die Sound-Five halfen. lol, @zabuza777: I'd get sober too if I saw that lol. Um es schnell zu beenden, will Gaara ihn nun mit Sabaku Kyuu zerdrücken. @zabuza777: I know how it may have looked, but again, aesthetics.

It does, to a degree. So honestly, if sasuke just countered lee and then stomped his ass in, i wouldn't be suprised.

Suiko holt einen großen Morgenstern heraus und zerschlägt den Ast, auf den Gaara gerade springen wollte. 5th gate lee would stomp Sasuke AND KN1 Naruto probably at the same time. (我愛羅粉砕! there is nothing sasuke can do when even kakashi himself could barely see 5th Gate Lee, lets not even mention the severe strength difference, if sasuke gets hit he is practically dead. Dieser landet nun vor seinem Gegner, der ihn zum Kampf herausfordert. He only started losing after his Gates ran out of time, Sasuke got a few hits in got ragged dolled afterwards, Vallley of the End Sasuke is debatable but no way in hell Chunin Exams Sasuke is above 5th Gate Lee. !若さだ!パワーだ!爆発だ!, Gaara Funsai!!Wakasada! Pawāda! And that matters A LOT.! Lee hit him with his most powerful attack and Gaara just got up and walked off after the fact. Gaara geht wieder ins Kampfgeschehen, als Lee gerade von dem Morgenstern schwer getroffen wird. He is......a base Lee fresh from surgery did what 1000 Kn0 clones failed to do; BASE lee would crap on Sasuke. Catching Gaara with his bandages, Lee uses the Front Lotus on him, only to discover he used it on a Body Replacement Technique. Literally compare Gaara to the Lee and Kimi fight compared to when hes acting insane due to Shukaku when he fights Sasuke and Naruto. Kankuro und Temari werden in zwei Kämpfe mit einigen der Shitenshounin verwickelt, weshalb Gaara die restlichen allein verfolgt. Before he was born, Shukaku was sealed within him, resulting in his mother's death. Kampf Gaara wurde zusammen mit seinen Geschwistern Temari und Kankurou losgeschickt, dem Sasuke-Rettungs-Team gegen die Sound-Five zu helfen. In doing so, Lee's speed increases and he manages to land hits on Gaara, only to discover his body is coated in sand. jetzt Schlammsäule stürzt daraufhin zusammen und Gaara fällt runter. No. Suiko glaubt nun leichtes Spiel zu haben und wirft Gaara erneut seinen Morgenstern entgegen, doch wieder wird dieser vom Sand abgefangen, doch saugt nun die Rüstung das Chakra von Gaara, das sich im Sand befindet, auf. His gates should be far stronger, his drunken style didn't increase anything, he just became more unpredictable, a settle minded ninja should be able to win, and anybody with a sharingan who can predict would perceive him as normal again. Anime: With the sharingan he makes up for it. 2 tomoe sasuke was stronger than a much more experienced gaara than the one lee fought, so he should be able to fair off against lee better than he faired against cloaked naruto although he would probably lose w/ just 2 tomoe. Wakasada! You can't prove that the version of Gaara that fought Sasuke wouldn't get man handled the same way though, The aesthetics of the fight matter when it's blatantly obvious, Lee was bouncing Gaara around like a pin ball in 4th Gate, Sasuke got a good hit in because of his elemental advantage, He wouldn't have the same advantage vs Lee who is much faster then Gaara, Chunin Exams Sasuke was only equal to Base Lee in speed.

I think we should be staying on topic though lol. Suiko

lol, I was just responding to him saying Chunin Exams Sasuke > 5th Gate Lee. Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles. Sasuke only did so well against Gaara because he was so close to losing control of Shukaku which is what they pitted him against Sasuke for in the first place(so it could rage within the village). I should say a settle minded ninja shouldn't struggle any more than his usual sober self, not directly win just by being calm. He wouldn't have the same advantage vs Lee who is much faster then Gaara. Yes i know that lol, thats literally what i said... go rewatch the fight, he beat gaara almost as bad as rock lee did, not taking shukaku into account. Gestorben: @dothetwist_: Yeah you say that but then forget that Naruto was able to beat up Gaara with 2000 regular clones in a weaker state.


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