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Season 3 takes us into the hospital where Will, Sasha, Renee, and Mr. Brown work. For other inquiries, Contact Us. When the series premiered on January 7, 2009, it received a viewership of 4,027,000 viewers based on Nielsen ratings. Musher. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. The name Gunnar means fighter, soldier, and attacker, but mostly is referred to by the Viking saying which means Brave and Bold warrior (gunnr "war" and arr "warrior"). The show initially revolved around Mr. Brown running a senior citizens' home in Decatur, Georgia, with his daughter Cora Simmons, but as the show progressed, this idea was gradually phased out and it became a typical family sitcom about a multigenerational clan living under one roof. Hexum's former friend and room-mate Nick Alan said that he was with the actor when he signed up to become an organ donor. He was very stressed, more stressed than I remember him ever being.

“It's painful for me to know that I received the heart of a tragedy.”. We pay for videos too. The final two episodes aired on November 18, 2011, concluding the series with 140 episodes in total. The New Jersey-born star's heart was transplanted into the chest of Michael Washington – a Vietnam war hero who also owned an infamous escort service known as Swinging Suzy's in Las Vegas, Nevada. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. And he was in such a rush that he didn't even get to enjoy his life. Season 4 shows The Colonel and Edna's home. Gunnar Washington as Joaquin Ortiz-Brown: Joaquin is Brianna's 12-year-old brother. ', “And Jon-Erik knowing that called me up and said 'meet me at the post office' because back then you had to have a witness sign your driver's license and he decided to become an organ donor because of my little cousin.”. The outside patio is also on display. I wan't to know about this guy now.”, Washington said that when he watched episodes of Cover Up it would “bring a tear to my eye.”, He added: “Because of this man, I'm alive today - so it becomes real personal.”, Despite Washington's insistence, Hexum's mother Gretha and brother Gunnar declined to meet with him claiming the experience would be “too painful.”. After losing several pints of blood on the way to the hospital, the actor underwent five hours of surgery and was placed on life-support machines. King Gunnar was a prominent king of medieval literature such as the Middle High German epic poem, the Nibelungenlied, where King Gunnar and Queen Brynhildr hold their court at Worms. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. However, LB was mentioned once in the backdoor pilot episode which aired as an episode of House of Payne. Not taking care of himself around that ambition.”. As the siblings are veterans of the foster care system, Joaquin in particular is very anxious to find a good home and feel settled. THIS is the astonishing story of a Hollywood leading man who killed himself playing Russian roulette on a TV show and whose heart saved the life of a Las Vegas pimp. Gunnar Washington is an actor, known for Meet the Browns (2009). “He was very accident prone anyway, he would get a cut or a scrape because he was so athletic. Jon-Erik Hexum's girlfriend Elizabeth Dailly told the Sun Online that the “frustrated” actor's life was cut short by his own ambition claiming he was been feeling “stressed out” about the direction of the TV show. Doug said: “I asked Washington if he felt any kind of psychic or spiritual connection with Jon-Erik after having received his heart when we spoke.

The show stars David Mann and Tamela Mann, who starred in the earlier stage play and motion picture. After a meteoric rise in the world of showbiz, Jon-Erik Hexum's life was cut short on October 18, 1984 when he put a 44. magnum, which was loaded with blanks, to his head and pulled the trigger. Aside from Washington, one of Hexum's kidneys saved the life of a five-year-old boy while his skin was grafted onto a three-year-old child who had suffered horrific burns. Gunnar is a male first name of Nordic origin ( Gunnarr in Old Norse ). Locations seen in the show set in Atlanta, Georgia include Brown Meadows and the school where Cora and Mr. Brown work. In February 2020, it was announced that David Mann and Tamela Mann would be reprising their roles in a sequel series titled Tyler Perry's Assisted Living which premiered September 2, 2020 on BET.

He suffered stab wounds and the surgery done to try to save his life was performed by Will himself. Aside from Washington, one of Hexum's kidneys saved the life of a five-year-old boy while his skin was grafted onto a three-year-old child who had suffered horrific burns. The show's executive producer Glen Larson claimed that Hexum insisted on using a 44. magnum for the scene – a weapon which still is one of the most powerful handguns in the world. In November 2011, TBS suddenly announced that the series finale would be airing since it was canceled. Other unseen characters include Brown's brother and sister-in-law, LB and Sarah. They live in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

BET began airing reruns of the series in October 2016. Reruns are primarily aired on affiliates of MyNetworkTV and The CW (the latter network's CW Plus service also carries the program as part of its national schedule). The show premiered on Wednesday, January 7, 2009 and finished its run on November 18, 2011[1] on TBS. View our online Press Pack. Speaking with The Sun Online, actor and Hexum archivist Doug Eames said that Washington contacted him several times before the war hero died in 2002. [2] In March 2010, Meet the Browns became TBS's #1 sitcom having a viewership of 2.3 million and among adults 18–49 having 1.2 million. Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns is an American sitcom created and produced by playwright, director, and producer Tyler Perry.

Email us at or call 0207 782 4368 . “Hexum's fascination with them (guns) made her nervous, and she often asked him to be careful while handling weapons on set,” said author Douglas Snauffer. Everett, Washington, United States.

The gun discharged a wad of paper which shattered his skull, forcing a bone fragment the size of a small coin into the centre of his brain. “Washington seemed a bit surprised by my question and said that he hadn't had any supernatural experiences following the transplant, but that he just felt a great desire to find out everything he could about Jon-Erik and his life.”. She said: “Jon-Erik was very athletic and was always playing around like a little kid, with guns and jumping and tumbling. [3] In October 2010, the show continued to be TBS's #1 and #2 sitcom telecasts with an audience of 1.2 to 1.4 million among adults 18–49.[4]. He said: “I'm alive because of him, so now I want to know about Jon-Erik Hexum. Gunder is a nordic variant, Günther is the modern German variant, and Gonario is the Italian version.

He and Brianna have their moments of discord, but mainly they look after each other. Lionsgate Home Entertainment has released all seven seasons on DVD in Region 1.


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