gw2 how to get diviners stats

Instead, use the filters to find the cheapest level 80 exotic gear with the stats you need. As for Fb/ren in fractal, i see more and more groups using a firebrand due to its ability to provide ridiculous stability aswell as the “chaos” boon we no longer have through chronos. One vendor in each game mode sells the recipes for Grandmaster Marks, and also accepts them as a currency: This costs around the same as crafting the items normally, but is much more convenient than farming rare/account bound materials. There are multiple ways to get the gear without touching the new map. BD helps to lessen the blow. You'll also need the right materials, either acquired through farming or the Trading Post. I find stupid to take raiders as an excuse for it, especially because at the end some will cling to minstrel or commanders to just have one set... heck I was tanking in givers and harrier deimos (yes it can be done on long range) and regular tank using 2 commander armor pieces besides sword/shield/focus/sword commander BEFORE DIVINERS. Gear in structured PvP. This is one of the worst and most expensive options available, but as there aren't that many ways to get Path of Fire trinkets as of this writing, it's included for the sake of completeness. => It's not that bad. You'll need the appropriate level 500 crafting profession and the recipe for the items you want to craft. You get a stat-selectable ascended backpiece for completing each Raise the Banners collection in Path of Fire. This vendor sells trinkets with Apothecary, Berserker's, Cavalier's, Celestial, Cleric's, Knight's, Rabid, Rampager's, and Soldier's stats. You'll also need the right materials, either acquired through farming or the Trading Post. Raiders have absolutely no issue getting Diviner's, as most raiders are either drowning in Magnetite/Gaeting (and Fractals Relics for that matter) or have legendary gear. I also found the wiki helpful with its Gourmet Training page.

This is a relatively expensive way to obtain ascended trinkets, but the trinkets you obtain can have any stats, and you can reselect stats using a Mist Capacitor. When upgrading from exotic gear, you should upgrade your weapon first, followed by your trinkets, as most of your stats are in these items. Some Chronos, like myself, like to pad their boon duration in case some lesser skilled players miss a well. You receive a set of exotic Berserker's, Knight's, or Rabid heavy armor for unlocking all Revenant specializations and completing the Mistward collections. Step 1: Obtain 5 Globs of Ectoplasm and an Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Step 3: Combine Items with Ascended Weapon in the Mystic Forge, Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), GW2 Crafting Stations Outside of Major Cities, Time-Gated Crafting Materials Reference Guide, Hard CC Skill Reference Guide By Profession. You can also buy exotic weapons from this vendor, but this is not recommended as the Trading Post is cheaper. You can work around this in two ways: 3. However, getting them with laurels is not recommended as Pristine Fractal Relics are even cheaper. Basically the paladins of Guild Wars 2, Guardians have held the top spot for damage for many patches and updates now.Although "damage" has many aspects and leagues in Guild Wars 2 so we're limiting this ranking to the open-world and some of the endgame content. You can't equip multiple copies of Unique ascended trinkets. Anthology of Heroes can be purchased from Miyani at the Mystic Forge for 10 Spirit Shards. All Season 3 maps and some Season 4 maps have a unique farmable currency that can be used to buy stat-selectable ascended trinkets. The only two equipment tiers for endgame gear are Exotic and Ascended. Not recommended unless you're already an experienced PvE player or you can get some experienced friends to carry you. These are the same rings sold by the Laurel Merchant, except they only cost 10 Pristine Fractal Relics each. The +5 Agony Infusions can also be bought for magnetite shards and gold from the Basic Magnetite Shard Exchange Operative. The single best way to get ascended trinkets is through the Living World maps. if you have legendary gear you can stat select it as well. In practice this boils down to one of these runes: Decide whether you enjoy farming PvE or WvW more, then farm the appropriate currency and buy them from the vendor. Changing stats requires combining the Ascended Weapon, Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, 5 Globs of Ectoplasm, and Anthology of Heroes in the Mystic Forge. For the vast majority of equipment, stat combinations are only accessible if they are part of the core set, or you own the expansion they are associated with. Enter your email address to be notified about new posts. Ascalonian Catacombs, Twilight Arbor (non-Aetherpath), and Crucible of Eternity are the easiest dungeons for inexperienced players to tackle. This is more cost-effective than buying them with laurels, as guild commendations aren't really used for anything else. This will set you back 10-35 gold. It is extreme quality of life at very little cost of dps. The trinkets are also not Unique, so you can equip multiple Mist Bands or Mist Talismans. You have 3 guaranteed a day + up to 2 from metas + >10 chests in the tomb (including the souther area) with a chance to get one each. If you go for the new map it's actually not that bad. The gear really isn't the problem, as Firebrand doesn't even run Diviner's for Fractals and Renegade can easily run Harrier's and act as the primary healer of the group as they don't put out that much personal DPS to begin with. These infusions provide +5 to a stat and make you more effective against Guards, Lords, and Supervisors. The resulting ascended weapons have a limited selection of stats but can be stat swapped in the Mystic Forge.

Gating their ideal gear behind a very annoying and expensive LS4 timegate will just make those roles even more rare on LFG.

Basically battlegrounds or warzones in other games, are all max levele and equal in power level. Crafting can get complicated for Core/Extended, Heart of Thorns, and Path of Fire stats, as the appropriate recipes are often locked behind map-specific currencies, and the materials may be expensive or account bound. I mean, as a fb i want something with conditation damage expertise and concentration. Pretty decent I'd say for having the upside of allot more AEGIS, stability, retal, quickness etc... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 6 should be an attainable average a day. This is useful if you aren't planning to slot infusions into your rings. If you play WvW, these are the cheapest +5 stat infusions available. You have 3 guaranteed a day + up to 2 from metas + >10 chests in the tomb (including the souther area) with a chance to get one each. And fractal rings have the stats too.... like, diviner is super easy to get for raiders. This is primarily useful for obtaining Core/Extended, Heart of Thorns, or Path of Fire stats without jumping through hoops to get the relevant crafting materials and crafting recipes. These provide stat-selectable armor pieces: You can also get certain Core/Release stats very easily through the dungeon reward tracks, which provide 3 weapons and one piece of armor: If you have any of the Living World Season 3-5 episodes, you can get stat-selectable gear from their corresponding reward tracks. WvW Laurel Merchants and Skirmish Supervisors sell stat infusions for WvW currency. Ascended armor and weapons can be reforged in the Mystic Forge to change their stats. Buy healers chests for raid shards -> get the gear WeSmart, Yeah its actually easier for raiders to get than any one else lol, youre complaint is kinda meh. This guide is an overview of the best ways to acquire gear for level 80 PvE and WvW content. In Guild Wars 2 there is no gear treadmill. The stats available include all of the stats sold by the Laurel Merchant, as well as Path of Fire stats. Also a viable option is dps/alac chrono alongside it to provide portals and alac aswell as outputting roughly bs level damage (likely higher now with diviner’s I haven’t tested in fractals) while most definitely using diviner’s gear.
If you do fractals regularly, this is one of the cheapest ascended backpacks available. You get a stat-selectable ascended backpiece for completing each Raise the Banners collection in Path of Fire.

To make more, you'll need to complete the Heart of Thorns story on additional characters, and spend about 30 gold crafting the components for each new weapon.

Note that the upgraded ascended version will have the same stat combination as the exotic version. I mean the bug is a problem but there are other ways to obtain adequate boon stats for raids, this post is blowing things out of proportion. I'm not a fan of it either but don't act like content that's been out for years is unplayable without a stat set that was released 3 days ago. Each of the six temples in Orr has a meta event chain that, when completed, allows you to buy exotic equipment for 42,000 karma apiece. Rings cost 35 laurels, which is pretty cheap. However, collecting a Mystic shield or staff, or a Mordant axe, dagger, or sword, will fulfill the requirement for two collections at once. The stats available include all of the stats sold by the Laurel Merchant, as well as Path of Fire stats. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This is a problem, please acknowledge it.


Use one ring that is infused or attuned (see "Infusing and Attuning Equipment" below) and one ring that isn't. I spent a good portion of my game time figuring out the additions to cooking during the Labor Day Weekend. If you dont have the time for the metas, you can also buy the Light of Deldrimor plates on the TP to "skip" the metas. and I'm using mist trinkets and a bloodstone back that i reseted cuz at this point is dumb as a chrono to not have ascended trinkets that cannot be reset. Jump to navigation Jump to search, +, +. This page was last edited on 14 July 2020, at 21:29. Uhhhhh chrono is most definitely going to run Diviner’s in raids. As a last resort, you can use Trade Contracts and Pulsing Brandsparks to buy Path of Fire trinkets from various open world vendors. This is because it only really looses DH traits for damage but can still easily crit cap due to other traits the guard has. You'll need the appropriate level 400 crafting profession and the recipe for the items you want to craft. I'm with you and ??? If you play PvP or WvW, reward tracks are the best way to obtain exotic armor and weapons with Core/Extended, Heart of Thorns, or Path of Fire stats. This lets you stat swap any ascended weapon or armor piece, including named weapons and armor pieces you get from achievements. For example, you can't equip two Ring of Red Death, even though you have two ring slots.

You can also buy from the WvW Laurel Merchant, which costs more Badges of Honor but fewer laurels. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki Jump to navigation Jump to search Diviner's is a prefix for equipment which focuses on Power and Concentration , with additional Precision and Ferocity .


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