helen of troy moral lesson
She’s a great reminder that nothing is impossible and I believe that there are more lessons we can learn from her. Yes I love the story because, I love Greek mythology think that it inspires people to be who they are meant to be in an way they cant. He wishes to bestow upon you a great honour. 4.????? Poor Paris………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. thank you people who made this! Please could you figure out point 4? I liked it a lot looking forward to the next part!!! (Kayla) I am shocked with the greedy godnesses! I learned from this story that there is two sides to every story and that even though you might think one thing happened, another thing did. thank you natashaxxxx. I had the best time to watch the whole movie yesterday and found it to be a great story of Greek mythology. While he was still a student at Cambridge in the 1580s, Marlowe probably gathered intelligence for Sir Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth's spymaster. Took me a long time to read through all the comments, it was amazing i could read that story all day if i could it was so amazing i could see the picture in my head i wanted to read more when it had finished, please help me with my homework please reply as soon as you can natasha or bertie. Dear Andrew, I”m really glad you like Helen of Tory. That did not help me alot i need to do a speech about her! is that the best myth on how the war between Greeks and Trojans started. But Aphrodite laughed and said, "Paris my dear, don’t you listen to those two silly goddesses. Audio and texts are Copyright Storynory Ltd unless otherwise stated. i just recommend more plot twists. and wonderful and when will king Sachin, Glad you like Helen of Troy. But over all it was good . The goddesses carried on arguing continuously for years after the wedding was over – for time means nothing to the immortal ones. Please help me. Perhaps, though, the play's most significant duality appears in its ambiguous attitude towards religion, morality and evil. Overall, great story. Paris has absconded to Troy with Helen, and has started the Trojan War (a war that will go on for ten years). hey bertie its fairess here, i wanted you to say me how can i read this book ‘helen of troy’ full book cuz only few paras from the book are here pls reply as soon as u see, Yeah this is an amazing story I love it. I’m doin an assignment on this too but …. I love Greek gods and this story is probably the best out of all of them! Homer is my favorite writter. Dear Bertie, I love them. I like the story, I guess. This was amazing! What’s more; it’s sad that Ancient Greeks used to bow down and worship such sinful envious beings. We’ve had a ton of comments today about Troy. in school we are learning about greek myths. Perhaps Helen felt guilty because she was one of the causes of the war. hello did any of you like the story?because if you did i loved it so please like it to! Any ways, LOVE IT!!!! ♥۝. Hi Bertie . The maid-servants brought her a seat and covered it with a soft lambswool rug, and she sat before her silver work box, but before she began to embroider, she glanced over at the visiting prince and questioned her husband, “Shall I guess the name of this prince who has come to visit us? Do you know where I can get more info?? romantic ;D, i liked it, but it was a bit big on details, This story is great, beacuse i love the story of helen of troy, i wish natasha would read faster.i have read a different helen of troy and it is very different okay gota go ill comment again later bye xxx, it was a really good story for the children and they liked it to, I wish she would read faster I had to listen for school and also I like when she says “Bye Bye!”. shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooort way too shooooooort. I really liked it. Respected, During the war Paris seems to have had a secondary role: a good warrior but inferior to his brother Hector and to the Greek leaders…. Absolutely fascinating. Really good story I used it for my school. lol, I liked this story and I don’t think it could sget any more datailed. it was fun and follow me at wee world and my username is dynestee and my password is duncan see you later bye. To Bertie I really enjoy this story. I liked how the three godessess bribed Paris. I love Greek males! this was so bring and she was always smacking her lips and that voice was so annoying. It could’ve been made shorter though. Dear Aphrodite, We shall take your remarks in jest, but I think that Athena is our commentator’s real name, by the way . (you can pick 3). When King Menelaus awoke in the morning, and he discovered that his guest and his wife had run away together, he flew into a rage, kicking the furniture and punching the walls of his chamber. **** Marlowe himself was killed on the evening of 30 May, 1593. I love this book!!!!!!!!! And Bertie, I am just curious. I just think its really interesting because its a history. One mistake is that Athena is spelled with an a at the end. For a moment he stood amazed, then Hermes, the winged messenger of the gods, flew up to Paris and spoke to him as follows, “Hail Paris, prince of magnificent Troy. it was boring i rather read about egypt gods, i didnt reallly like the passage. Bye-bye. We’ll take this into account in future stories. I am not trying to brag but from what I know, I am the most knowledgable on Greek Mythology in my class. The Greeks think of her as the most beautiful woman in the world. Hi there! A charitable interpretation means that the play is doing what audiences expect, and indeed what audiences will accept. Plus JADEN PEttey is Awesome! Leo. Dear Bertie, :), I am a 7th greader doing a project on greek mytholigy and i am doing it on ahprodite and i really wanted a storie about her but the begiing of this storie helped a little but i wnt to now what happend to her hafter she got the goldon apple like did she go and help get helen and on the jurney there ???? What is the moral (if there is one)? I loved it it was so magical but I still preffer i most certainly enjoyed this story. ? I’m writing a paper about Helen of Troy and this really helped. I love this story and how they made it a love story. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. . Kindly let me know so that I could subscribe. Or is it a perverse exploration of the value of sensual pleasure and instant gratification? this means i am pretty! Another reason is simply that the story of Troy is such a powerful one that I am compelled to keep coming back to it. Is Bertie in charge of Storynory or what? I THINK THIS BOOK IS AN AWESOME BOOK CANT WAIT TO READ MORE!!!!!!! But she is also called Athene. ok thanks for telling me that henry jeckill. Dear Dan, the life of Cleopatra is coming up in two weeks time. It was also very entertaining. I have one more suggestion. Favorite Answer. is Natasha a mermaid? I love it soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! 3.The beauty contest What would you elaborate if you were doing a project on all Greek myths. Example: Athene is actually Athena. it’s fairly clear that no good came of it. I Hope you find more about it. The Greek myths are fascinating to learn from. BYE BYE! well this episode lead to the Trojan War and ten years of suffering on all sides….. Well I think it is a well written piece. In this medieval morality play Everyman represents all mankind. Omg i showed this to my teacher and she loved it. Zeus had a dark feeling that there was trouble in store for humankind. fab story but who is the author of the story. The “homecoming” extends over lots of the chapters of the original, and it’s a bigger job than I thought to write it into an audio story. I love this book it is my favorite book NOW!!! This story is very interesting!!! I think it was boring i didn’t really understand it it didn’t appeal to me. wow this story is so good i can write a story, its a great story very interesting… cool… cheesecake, i really liked the story but make it a bit shorter. Many Puritans felt strongly about the religious, and especially political, control exercised by Roman Catholicism. In Greek mythology princess Helen of Troy was a beautiful women who captivated the heart of the Trojan prince Paris but in eloping with him betrayed Sparta and Greece. I want to know about the war and its result. And since the apple was given to Aphrodite, she made Helen and Paris fall in love, and the end was kind of a cliffhanger. Anyway, just wanted to say great blog! dear bertie, I liked this story a lot. Comments are moderated. she said bye bye, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, I really hate any one who helped made this story. hi Brita, It’s a myth and so the real truth is lost in the mists of time. so romantic i love it can’t wait for the rest, I really like this story. This is a classic! P.s. This is not the real story. i know there is the siclops cave but is there more after that? Quite shameful indeed. Alternatively, the play might be read as suggesting that the gratification of desire by sinful means is ultimately attractive, and perhaps worth the cost. Im in 3rd grade but love reading so much and ever since my teacher read to us Percy Jackson, I read all of them plus the Heroes of Olympus plus The Trials of Apollo plus the Goddess Girls plus Heroes in Training plus all the Kane Chronicles plus all the extra Percy Jackson Greek Gods and Percy Jackson Greek Heroes and the Percy Jackson meets Carter Kane and Annebeth Chase meets Sade Kane. please write about egypt gods and goddesses. great story can’t wait for the trojan hourse, I love Greek myths and wish for more on storynory! Its title page suggests that Faustus’s death was a ‘deserved’ moral punishment for his ‘damnable’ deeds. It helped me with my homework assignment. Helen of Troy, conjured by Faustus late in Doctor Faustus, is the highest-profile female character in the play and yet she has no lines! Sorry about the nasty comments. Although it’s a story on an epic scale, the action comes down to some very personal grudges […], Troy | Free Audio Story — I don’t mind reading it though. Later on in the Trojan War, Aphrodite takes the side of the Trojans, while Athena and Hera help the Greeks. Cant you see that you got to work with your mind not Berties!!! I nearly found any information ….. . lllloooooolllll lol lol, This was not what I was expecting because I thought it was the whole story but so far it’s OK :S, Dear Bertie I like Greek myths a lot and i was wondering if you could publish more of them.


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