holden monaro hq
Those who choose the sedan as platform for their ‘350’ powertrain miss out on the panoramic views but do enjoy similarly generous levels of leg-room. No prizes though for predicting that the two-door HQ would in time be joined by a sedan. With cars now worth vastly more and major panels being manufactured again, even a seriously rusted HQ is a candidate for restoration. Search for new & used Holden Monaro HQ cars for sale in Australia. Throw an HQ into a bend fast enough to induce tyre squeal and the flat vinyl seats with their optional ‘houndstooth’ cloth inserts would try to dump driver and passenger into the same corner of the cabin. After-market springs, bushings and shock absorbers can minimise body roll but don’t do much to enhance mid-bend grip or live rear axle problems on corrugated roads. It was built in 2002 in left hand drive by TWR Engineering at a reported cost of A$2 million and shown at the 2004 Sydney Motor Show. The interest in the HRT 427 was such that, in 2008, its spiritual production version became the HSV W427 sedan built to celebrate HSV's 20th anniversary. Clunks or clicking noises mean internal damage and be wary of a slipping clutch in seldom used cars. $189,999* Excl. A car that comes with non-standard components, even if they do make it handle, go and stop better is going to lose out except in ‘modified’ categories to one that is showroom-correct. Other features included carbon ceramic disc brakes, rollcage, side-exiting exhausts and 19-inch ROH alloy wheels. In 2013, the Australian media became aware of a "VF Monaro" digital rendering posted online by design firm, Dsine International, which also saw the input of Holden designers, Simon Gow and Peter Hughes. The downside was a loss of feel at the straight-ahead and tendency for inexperienced drivers to flick on too much opposite lock when the HQ – as they did frequently – got out of shape on a wet road. Only items of the same subtype may be compared. Another was Andy Lee, of HQ Restoration Supplies. He is apparently the gent you should talk to for HQ-HZ knowledge. Genuine GTS 350s have sat high enough and for long enough in the value charts to justify quality restoration work, or at least confirmation that they don’t need any. Automatics are more common and can be $20-30,000 less, as can cars built originally with 4.2-litre engines. Few will deny that Holden’s Monaro, when it appeared in 1968, ranked as the most significant new concept in Australian automotive history. Neglected cooling systems can cause engine damage and some owners recommend a pair of electric fans to replace the engine-driven single. In addition, in 2004, a more affordable racing coupé version reemerged in the form of the HSV GTS-R. A remedy for the nose-down antics can be found at your local suspension centre while better-quality pads can slow the rate at which heat affects brake performance. Headlights are poor for a car with the performance potential of a GTS and an upgrade to halogens is worthwhile, even if the car will rarely leave the suburbs. Similarities could be drawn with the HRT 427, however, the GTS-R was never intended for road-use but for a one-make racing series. On the same 2819mm wheelbase as sedans, the Monaro two-door was a genuine ‘family’ car with style and performance on its side. Automatic transmissions that clunk or shudder need a rebuild but again there are no parts problems and plenty of shops will fix your clagged Trimatic or T350. Full sets of seat coverings with their hounds tooth inserts cost around $2000 but to that must be added the cost of fitting and possibly new seat foam. m clutch, giving the car a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 299 km/h (186 mph). Turns lock-to-lock reduced from a fairly snappy 3.7 in manual steer cars to a really rapid 2.6 with power steer. If values falter, modified cars will likely be the first affected. A year before the world was thrown into turmoil by soaring fuel prices and oil shortages, anyone who even asked about economy while investigating GTS 350 ownership probably wasn’t all that serious about having one. Holden already had a race and rally-winner with the compact XU-1, so the new Monaro could concentrate on delivering glamour and big profit margins in a market where the other contenders (Ford and Chrysler) were still playing catch up. Those who would rarely see an unrestricted road more often went for an auto with power steeringand perhaps an air-conditioner and still enjoyed themselves. Cars that have seen minimal use for several years might need attention to age-hardened suspension bushings. 20. All Rights Reserved. More common and affordable are 4.2 and 5.0-litre V8s; mostly with automatic transmission.


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