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“Those days I was in Kabul and doing a series of articles. Indian cricketer Kapil Dev broke down into tears for ten minutes on his show. The noted historian, Romila Thapar, is his cousin. I took my passport to keep it in and was about to begin talking to the shopkeeper, he looked at me and said, ‘You are an Indian?’ I said ‘yes’ and then he slapped me in the face. Karan Thapar: She was also 33 then. “Having said that I agree that Indian channels are not as analytical and not as investigative as it could be and should be,” he said. “A person who knew that there is a child in me and, she always pampered that child.” The couple never had children. Thapar is known for his aggressive interviews with the leading politicians and celebrities. I will give you an honest answer. He is Karan Thapar — India’s best-known television commentator and interviewer — an aggressive man who loves to unnerve his subject with his intelligent questioning and acerbic style. At the end of three months he said to me, ‘Tomorrow you are filing to the desk.’, I said they would tear up my stories. A beloved daughter and sister, her death led to the heart attack of her mother Thelma, who had several cardiac operations in the USA and the UK.She died in 1995. Wife/Girlfriend: Nisha Thapar (m. 1982- 1991; died of Encephalitis on 3 December 1982 at the age of 33) Children: None Geni requires JavaScript! She loved squash, music, dancing and entertaining friends at her home.She trained as an opera singer and lieder singer at a very young age. I graduated in Economics and Political Philosophy from Cambridge,” he said. “The media have made Indian politicians much more accountable,” he added. Karan says the media is also getting lazy in some areas. The same awards were presented to both, the show, and Thapar in 2011. “So my first school was the American International School in Afghanistan, and then I went on to Doon School for 5 1/2 years and later, Stowe School. He began his career in the field of journalism with ‘The Times’ in Lagos, Nigeria. Daughter of Anthony Grevi Meneses and Thelma Alvares Meneses His show, ‘Devil’s Advocate’ had won the ‘Best News/Current Affairs Show’ in 2008, and he was presented the ‘News Interviewer of the Year’ at Indian News Broadcasting Awards. Report a problem? He set up his production house named ‘Infotainment Television’ in 2001, which produces programmes for BBC, Channel Asia News, Doordarshan, and CNBC. Karan Thapar Career. Net Worth: 0.5 Mil to 200 Mil. : Not Known. Charlie said, ‘don’t worry, you know what you are doing now.’”. His column in the Indian Express, titled 'The mysterious Jadhav,' which is about the death sentence given to Kulbhushan Jadhav, an alleged Indian spy in Pakistan, sparked the controversy for showing an anti-national stand against his own countrymen on a sensitive issue which could embarrass its own country at the international level. His recent interview with former Indian law minister and country’s best-known lawyer Ram Jethmalani in his show “Devil’s Advocate,” in which the top lawyer lost his cool, will be remembered for a long time. “When tackling politicians who are to be made accountable you have to persist to the point where you get an answer. Why didn’t I get married again? Thapar then joined ‘London Weekend Television’ in 1982 and worked with the channel for the next 11 years. Please give me some information about the university entrance exam means when will it be start registration proces and when will be this exam given.please tell me according to my condition and my reserve category how much fees will be given by me.+hostel rent . But that’s all right: Any journalist would tell you that in this business it’s impossible to please everyone — journalists make enemies as much as they make friends. Carefully and confidently, he brings out his ammunition. He was conferred upon with the ‘International Press Institute-India Award’ in December 2013 for his excellence in the field of journalism. Thapar has written a couple of books, namely ‘Face to Face India – Conversations With Karan Thapar,’ ‘Sunday Sentiments, Wisdom Tree,’ and ‘More Salt Than Pepper – Dropping Anchor With Karan Thapar.’. Family & Relatives. © 2020 SAUDI RESEARCH & PUBLISHING COMPANY, All Rights Reserved And subject to Terms of Use Agreement. She went onto the London School of Economics where she did her B.Sc. Karan is a widower and did not remarry. Karan’s critics feel he keeps on taunting and badgering his subjects unnecessarily. THAPAR FAMILY. His father was the Chief of Army Staff in the Indian Army. Thapar, former Indian Army chief. Why Modi Walked Out in 2007 and the BJP Now Shuns Me. Karan Thapar’s Cousin Romila Thapar. The curious newspaperman was Charles Douglas Hume, the deputy editor of The Times, London. Nisha Thapar in Biographical Summaries of Notable People Maria Nisha J A Thapar in England & Wales, Death Index, 1837-2005 ... She died on 22nd April 1989, having been flown back to the UK by air ambulance from Istanbul , Turkey, where she went on a brief holiday for Easter. A dedicated professional — doing a damn good job. “But it never happened.”. She toyed with the accordion and guitar but never pursued them seriously. Germany launches 4-week partial shutdown to curb virus, Lebanon locks down 115 areas, imposes new curfew hours as coronavirus cases continue rise, Donald Trump threatens to fire top US disease expert in rift over coronavirus, Aramco makes $11.8bn in third quarter as economic activity improves, Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk ties the knot, UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed receives trial coronavirus vaccine, Khamenei says Iran’s US policy not affected by who wins election, Gulf countries condemn extremist attacks in Vienna, Turkey quake death toll rises to 100: disaster agency, Hong Kong leader to travel to Beijing to seek economic aid, Virus cases set to rise in Saudi Arabia, warn health chiefs, Hadi: Implementing Riyadh accord key to defeating Houthis. Karan was deported from Lagos for his work exposing corruption in the Nigerian government. Her father Tony died in 1992. But throughout the years, he says it was Douglas Hume that really sparked his interest in the profession. After his father retired from the army, he was posted as Indian ambassador to Kabul. She was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium in London, UK and her ashes were buried in Prithviraj Road Cemetery, New Delhi adjacent to her parents grave. “He offered me a job,” he said. Much therefore of the background information much of the analysis is missing.” Going down the memory lane, the veteran journalist shared an interesting incident which happened to him in Kabul and which reflected the anger of Afghans with India for siding with the Russians. In 1993, he moved to India and started working with ‘The Hindustan Television Group,’ Home TV, and United Television. However, she took an active interest in the various societies while at University and became the President of the India Society and held the Charles Wallace Scholarship. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, Tirath Ram Shah Hospital, New Delhi, North Delhi, Delhi, India, England & Wales Deaths, GRO Indexes, 1969 - 2007. “When I went to Lagos for my first job. Today we see them as what they are: Some of them are intelligent, many of them are people of no great skill and competence, and now that has been revealed. I was standing there facing the shopkeeper looking for things on the counter and suddenly Russian soldiers entered into the shop and asked me for my passport, so I took out my passport and gave it to them, they filtered through it and saw my nationality, ‘Indian,’ and then gave it back to me and left. Recently, Karan was in the Kingdom on the invitation of the Consulate General of India to deliver a lecture on the “Challenges for the Indian Democracy Today.”. To explain if it is not being done, why it is not being done. Marital Status: Widower. One of the most widely recognized and popular faces of Indian television, Karan has hosted several programs, including “Eyewitness on Doordarshan,” “The Chat Show,” “In Focus With Karan,” and “Face to Face” on BBC, an Indian version of the immensely popular “Hardtalk.”. Nisha died now 28, no 29 years ago. in Government. Charlie said, ‘I want you to file to me rather than to the desk.’, I said ‘no problem’, because I had never written an article. But I want to get admission in your most famous thapar university. He took the job. SOM: Oh, you still have the wedding band? Mother: Bimla Thapar. Every day for three months, at 11:00 to 11:30 p.m., he would ring me in Lagos and he would walk me through my article like a tutorial, telling me what was wrong, how it should have been rearranged. He is (in)famous for butchering people, yet celebrities from all walks of life love to be interviewed by him. Karan Thapar began his career in Lagos, Nigeria with The Times UK. Face to face, his interview reflected a small glimpse of the man behind all that hard talk. Nisha Thapar (m. 1982- 1991; died of Encephalitis on 3 December 1982 at the age of 33), Does Karan Thapar drink alcohol? Karan Thapar: Yes, absolutely, I have never taken it off; I will never take it off (with a lot of emotion). Some say he gets his facts wrong and that he brings in irrelevant information into his discussions and abruptly stops interviewees from talking. “When you’re doing current affairs programs you ask questions that the audience would like to ask,” Karan told Arab News. Karan Thapar’s Wife Nisha Thapar. Karan is the best while interviewing politicians — especially in making them explain their contradictions. If you don’t — find out why the answer is not forthcoming. One fine morning in 1981 Karan got a call from London Week and Television and offered him a lucrative salary and perks. He criticized the sensationalism of Indian media, but said progress is being made and politicians are increasingly being held accountable. A tragic end to a very promising career, forever mourned and missed terribly. Follow us on our social media channels to stay connected. “Charlie is the greatest human being I have ever met,” he said. While at the Doon School, he was the Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Doon School Weekly.’. On my first day in Kabul, I was moving around in the old quarters, there was a shop of antiques. “The awareness that the serious crisis is there in Indian agriculture as a result of which farmers are committing suicide has been again created by TV. On leaving the LSE she joined Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York as a commercial banker and was sent by them to New York for training. What TV hasn’t done is to explain why that crisis exists, to explain what needs to be done and whether it is being done. Armed with statements made by the guest, he asks such pointed questions that one almost feels sorry for the person on Karan’s hot seat. 101 years ago today in 1919, British troops under command of the infamous Gen. Dyer carried out the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar, Punjab. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. His highly charged interview with Pakistan’s President Gen. Pervez Musharraf won him laurels the world over. She left them to join Merrill Lynch and thereafter moved to County NatWest Bank as an Executive Board Director and a Director of NatWest Bank By this stage she was in charge of the supranationals as her clients all over the world. While in London Karan met Nisha — a successful banker — and soon they fell in love and married. Nisha Alvares Meneses attended Newnham and Croft Co... Nisha Alvares Meneses attended Couvent des Oiseaux. He joined the Hindustan Times Television Group. Thapar quit CNN-IBN in 2014 and went on to join India Today where he hosted the new show of channel titled ‘To the Point,’ and ‘Nothing But the Truth.’. “Indian media is now able to arouse concern about injustice — the Jessica Lal case, the Manu Sharma case, the Priyadarshini Matoo case all these cases were brought back for retrial because the media created a great a concern about the injustice and that is the very positive outcome,” he said, referring to three high-profile cases in which the accused were released from the lower court but under intense media pressure retrials were ordered by the higher court.


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