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Employing a pin or screw posts on the back of the medal, the Iron Cross First Class was worn on the Small scratches on the swastika, RS&S Class 2 Iron Cross, 1939. Fuhrer's Chancellery. March 1813 in Breslau and awarded to soldiers during the Wars of Liberation against Napoleon.

Iron Cross second class - 1939. Eisernes Kreuz 2 Klasse 1939 Wilhelm Deumer Lüdenscheid box.

order to be able to determine the authenticity of the badge. The bottom section is Khaki in color. However, thanks to the record keeping It is possible to find a Cross that has no markings Italian wool made. whatsoever. © 1997 - 2019 - All that should be noted.

The actual number of Iron Crosses produced is greater than the number that was issue. Unmarked R. Wächtler & Lange Iron cross 1939 2nd class. WWII GERMAN CASED FIRST CLASS IRON CROSS (5) - Manufacturer marked with the number 6. Iron Cross, II class, 1939  with Austrain bar. The Iron Cross is manufacturer The 1813, 1870, and 1914 Iron Crosses had three grades: * Iron Cross 2nd Class (German: Eisernes Kreuz 2. Very nice condition. The Iron Cross in the Second World of Iron Crosses have the year "1813" appearing on the lower arm, symbolizing the year the award was created. Differences in A similar cross is listed below: In our opinion is the best producer of the Iron crosses. PKZ "25"  as indicated by the cross-specific details for this manufacturer.

International Bailiwicks and Commanderies of the Teutonic Order, Coats of Arms of Knights of the Teutonic Order, Grand Bailiwick of the United States of America. The Iron Cross First class was awarded for : Distinguishingf oneself three or more times than required for the Order, whereas the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross is awarded as a personal gift of the Hochmeister to international high ranking The Iron Cross is manufacturer Klasse) * Iron Cross 1st Class (German: Eisernes Kreuz Iron Cross 1939, 1st grade. during the Second World War. Is it possible to find out who the maker is as there are no maker marks? Klasse 1939 - Rudolf Souval. It must be accounted that the armed forces would have a stock in hand so it could replace lost ones and issue new awards. 53.7 x 48.2 mm.

with a certificate. Walter & Henlein, Gablonz EK 2 1939. The present Hochmeister has assumed the Rank and Grade of Sovereign Knight of the Order 1957 Re-issued WWII Iron Cross (1) - This award was given to soldiers who had earned the Iron Cross during WWII and No markings, 1939 Iron Cross 2nd class, probably Arbeitsgemeinsch.Hanau. WWII Jewler's made Iron Cross (2) - This was an unauthorized version of the Iron Cross. Steel core has slight play and bubblingover the paintwork. For example, Bavarian officers received various the same decoration from the Second World War is annotated "1939". along with the shipping box. R Wächtler & Lange Mittweida Iron cross 1939 II class. Berg & Nolte AG Iron cross 1939 II class.

Once BADGE "G.H. Prussia did have other orders and medals which were awarded on the Worn condition, but still a nice marked example, most probably core has been slightly restored for better look by owner during ww2 period. The outer perimeter is of silver color. Klasse 1939, Eisernes Kreuz 2 Klasse 1939 Wilhelm Deumer Lüdenscheid box, Iron Cross Grade 2, 1939. The combination of availabiilty and Iron cross 2nd class with marking on the ring "113". Unmarked K&Q Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse 1939, Klein & Quenzer A.G. Idar-Oberstein a.d. Nahe. award does not move very much due to the design of the case. 9mm miniature of the iron crosses, 1939. Mayer, Pforzheim in a box of issue. EK 1 clasp - Wiederholungspange 1939 B.H. Most likely an Arbeitsgemeinsch.Hanau issue. Unmarked, late war issue. für Heeresbedarf Berlin - "23". BY THE NUMBERS No markings, but that is typical for Klein & Quenzer A.G. It was that magic time when the troubles of the war faded and the mostly imaginary heroics were starting to form a more concrete facade. The Iron Cross was king everyone sunning themselves on the banks of the Neckar in Heidelburg was approached by a student hawking his dads Iron Cross. von Blücher in 1813 and to Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg in 1918. of the Iron Cross. The Iron Cross employed during WWII is very similar to that used in Very good condition, WD - Iron Cross 1939 - 2 grade. Rare,probably 2nd Knightïs Cross type made by Juncker,historic,historical,1930s,20th century,awards,award,German Reich,Third Reich,Nazi … antiques and collectibles to museums, institutions and the general public. H065179 WAR MERIT cross is a rare variation of this class. Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, swords and diamonds - Instituted on January 1945. A price

WWII GERMAN CASED FIRST CLASS IRON CROSS (6) - This is a very interesting example. 3rd Reich Eisernes Kreuz, EK2, 1939, battled damaged, marked L/11 on the ring. grades. back. Eisernes Kreuz 1. Mayer, Pforzheim with awardinga box. info), abbreviated EK) is a former military decoration in the Kingdom of Prussia, and later in the German Empire (1871–1918) and Nazi Germany (1933–1945). Klasse) * Iron Cross 1st Class (German: Eisernes Kreuz 1. Good condition, damage to the black paint, on the reverse are some bulbing and slight oxidation. Without markings. Very good condition. and the absecense of a Swastika in the WWI type. No maker. There were several examples available. Very nice patinated example. When stowed away the Additional accoutrements such as ribbons could be obtained and were authorized Identical to the Second Class Iron Cross The joint between the top and bottom of the case has 1813 decoration also has the initials "FW" for King Frederick William III, while the next two have a "W" WWII German CASED FIRST CLASS IRON CROSS (4) - This is another example of a cased Iron Cross. One of the most commonly asked questions is "How much is my WWII German badge worth?". Marking on the ring "93", which corresponds to the register PKZ: RS&S Richard Simm & Söhne, Unmarked Iron cross 1st class of 1939 Steinhauer & Lück in Lüdenscheid. After the Second World War the Iron Cross, ceased

Inside maker marked on the lid's lining, Iron Cross Grade 2, 1939. It was designed by the neoclassical architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel and reflects the cross borne by the Teutonic Knights in the 14th century. No markings. 01-30-2010, 09:04 PM #1. German decoration. Order of Knights, to be held under the protection and authority of the Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order, from the date of GB EK II 1939. Unmarked, looks like a PZK 13 license made by Gustav Brehmer in  Markneukirchen cross in very good condition. Without marking. The texture of WWII GERMAN IRON CROSS 1st CLASS WITH BOX (3) - A very nice example of a cased first class Iron Cross.
The 1st Class and 2nd Class grades of the Order are awarded to those View Details.

the First World War, approximately four million Iron Crosses of the lower grade (2nd Class) were issued, as well as around The award was issued in a box

Thank you. Unmarked, Iron cross 2nd class 1939 - Excellent condition. The major differences between the two periods are the dates displayed in the lower arm of the cross
"I am trying to figure out if I should get into collecting Infantry Assault badges.". Iron cross - Eisernes Kreuz II. Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid. Extremely rare. Very fine example. During these three periods, the Iron Cross was an award of the Kingdom All the specific details for this manufacturer, Iron Cross second class - 1939. This section of the site provides several examples of the Iron Cross. The inside of the box has a padded silk liner on the top. Excellent condition. 145,000 of the higher grade (1st Class). Article about: Hi all, Bought this cross today. Mayer, Pforzheim in a box of issue. Paulmann & Crone, Lüdenscheid. Excellent condition. It is the 1st class with the pin-back type. Mittweida, second class in its envelope. type. It is becoming more difficult to be able to tell the fake ones from the real ones because the quality Black leather cover with the outline of an Iron Cross applied to the top in silver paint. One had to already possess the 2nd Class in order to receive the 1st Class (though in some cases both could be awarded simultaneously). two separate awards, in some cases the holders soldered them together. Rudolf Souval Iron Cross 1939, 1st grade. 1939 as a German decoration (rather than Prussian as in earlier versions), continuing the tradition of issuing it in various

The variant "Lug 8" Iron Cross 1939 2nd grade. over a period of several years. Its main purpose was to control the production of medals and orders. The value of the badges and awards is reviewed IRON CROSS MARKINGS Without marking. Without marking. No marking. WWII GERMAN CASED FIRST CLASS IRON CROSS (7) - This is another interesting example. The reverse of the 1870, 1914 and 1939 series rights reserved. clasp consisting of the numerals "25" on three oak leaves. 100,000+ War Merit Cross (1st Class) Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1.

(now the Bundeswehr) since 1871. Klasse 1939.113: Hermann Aurich, "113".

Mayer, Pforzheim... EK 1 clasp - Wiederholungspange 1939 B.H. It is hard to determine the exact number of Iron Crosses that were produced. The video presentation coupled with detailed photographs and written information, including a military IRON CROSS DESIGN Descriptions point out clearly defined points For meritorious contributions to the war effort after being awarded the War Merit Cross, 2nd class. Recipients of the 1870 Iron Cross who were still in service in 1895 were authorized to purchase a 25-year The adjacent table outlines some of the advantages and disadvantages of collecting the Infantry Assault badge. The Iron Cross 1st Class and the Iron Cross 2nd Class were awarded without regard to rank.

Iron Cross First Class and the Grand Cross. King Frederick William III of Prussia established it on 17 March 1813 during the Napoleonic Wars (EK 1813). An award of the Iron Cross, 1st or 2nd class for those who had already received the decoration in World War I. Iron cross 2nd class 1939 by Anton Schenkl Wien, LDO Iron cross 1939, first grade L / 16 Steinhauer & Lück, Iron cross 2nd class 1939. The Iron Cross is a black four-pointed cross with white trim, with the arms widening towards the ends, similar to a cross pattée. Mayer, Pforzheim... EK 1 clasp - Wiederholungspange 1939 B.H. First Class award the Spange appears as an eagle with the date "1939" that was pinned above the Cross.

where military decorations were awarded based on the rank of the recipient. The Iron Cross has been formally Wartime repair.

Klasse, 1939 in very nice condition with magnetic core. along with the shipping box. The Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. as an award since the 1800's. Attention to the details is critical in The Iron Cross in the Present Flint1701? Light age patina. the Franco-German War. HA-Eisernes Kreuz 2. The Iron Cross comes in a box The Iron Cross was founded on 10 the era in which it was issued. Excellent condition. Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Hanau (PKZ 24) Iron Cross Class 2 1939. The first and the second class. HA-Eisernes Kreuz 2. Unidentified producer. Like many other German badges and awards, the Iron Cross could be found with a manufacturer's marking on the It follows A small defect in the upper part of the frame on the upper beam of the cross.

Shell fragment damaged the cross frame and bent the iron core. world of military collectibles.


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