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K2 DLX DOUBLE SKI BAG. This big ski also holds up when conditions become less than ideal. —Michelle Nicholson. Tanner, Harlaut and Sammy’s skis. A medium-length turn radius, Titanal I-Beam construction, and Dark Matter Damping combine for precise edge hold and a smooth ride that inspire confidence when your primary concern is maxing out the speedometer on the corduroy. Away from its natural freeride habitat, the Mindbender holds up too, and is as much fun to put on edge as it is to ski in pow. For 2021, a new top-sheet is the only feature that distinguishes this model from its predecessor. —Jeff Colt. I played around on the 184cm that weighed in right around 2000g per ski, thanks to a carbon- and fiberglass-wrapped triple wood core. Even though the weight is reduced, the Hotshot still has some heft as it is in the upper 20% of its weight class and it really shows when sizing up lengthwise. The Armada Declivity 102 Ti continues the Declivity line’s big mountain dominance, though in a somewhat friendlier package. But give it time, take it out for a long pow tour, and you’ll acquire the taste. 20/21 K2 Skis Catalog 20/21 K2 Snowboarding Catalog Media/Dealer Portal Find a K2 Dealer Near You Disruption Cup Game Customer Service Contact Support Order Tracking and Order Status Shipping Returns Warranty Info Replacement Parts Find A Shop . All rights reserved. More than one tester, looking back after a serious flirtation with other standard tourers in the fat pow category, found themselves revising their scores upward, awash with nostalgia for the playfulness and shocking versatility of the Capo. Titanium mesh stiffens the ski from tip to tail while the poplar ash layup provides a sporty responsiveness. Material - … And brought a live crab to his first job interview, It sure ain't the destination that matters, Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from Innovative shapes, materials, and constructions have enabled us to create some of the most ripping skis the planet has ever seen, so when it came time to reinvent the piste category, we knew it had to be fresh from tip to tail. Follow K2 Skis. The Bella layup and bombproof sidewall construction make this ski a tank for blasting through mashed potatoes and variable snow conditions. Strung up with our Spectral Braid technology and a sturdy maple and paulownia wood core, this surprisingly lightweight fat ski can run with the best of ‘em. No elements found. It’s our new best friend. I found it to have an excellent blend of tracking and precision while loaded in the turn radius, combined with pop and liveliness navigating broken terrain and firm snow. It makes the ski even more fun, especially for those who spend time on firm snowpacks. I wouldn’t go deep carving turns either with this ski, the damp tail made it a bigger effort to get to the next turn. —Heather Hansman, Let’s play a little word association game. This is a ski for the advanced skier who wants to go hard all day and not feel beaten down. Like an Aperol spritz or an arcane piece of Italian modernist furniture, it turns out also to be eminently functional—and fun. Keeping it light with their air tip technology and 2LTC construction, skiers will find control and stability that might make this your go-to ski for resort days and backcountry skiing. Jason also narrowed the ski a bit while tapering the front which gives the Hotshot one of the easiest pivots I’ve skied on. There are no compromises here. New-season always brings a lot of new ski models. October 27, 2020 By POWDER Social icon rss. Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. 125/72/107 • Speed Rocker • 13.6m @ 165. The Black Pearl 97 has great energy coming out of turns so you don’t lose speed and is quick going from edge to edge. Brands are revealing their plans during the year, and we will thoroughly note all new releases. 20/21 K2 Skis Catalog 20/21 K2 Snowboarding Catalog Media/Dealer Portal Find a K2 Dealer Near You Disruption Cup Game Customer Service Contact Support Order Tracking and Order Status Shipping Returns Warranty Info Replacement Parts Find A Shop . The Black Pearl transitions easily from steep trees, to groomers, to soft chop. Follow K2 Skis. —John Howland, Powder days—ahhh, the days we live for. If you are picking your ski based on the topsheet, this may not be your cup of soup. The width comes down to a sprightly 102mm at the waist while maintaining the solid feel through a Ti platform. I say “Armada.” You say, “Dude, bro. Every once in a while, you click into a pair of skis and it seems like the union was ordained from above. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Subscribe to Powder’s Newsletter to receive stories like this straight to your inbox. But, what sets the Mindbender 116C apart from the heavy competition in its category is its strength-to-weight ratio and the versatility that provides. Sure, they ski powder, but bumps are their first love. We gave it a big shovel and a versatile waist width to create a freakish combination of critical stability and confident edge control. If you like a lower effort ski with a super big sweet spot that makes landings feel like nothing then the Hotshot is your go-to. —Wally Phillips. In a shocking move, the mountain shifts its focus towards season pass-holders. It accomplishes both as the Hotshot does shave off almost 150 grams while maintaining one of the more floaty, solid mid-turn feelings. Your information has been successfully processed! 125/82/111 • Speed Rocker • 18.4m @ 177. Follow K2 Skis. Your information has been successfully processed! When you know you’ll be out all day, even after the slopes are tracked out, this is the ski to grab. Still, this ski stood out to me as one of the better, more aggressive all-mountain and big mountain skis in this test due to its versatility and dampness. When you add the fact that this ski creates some of the easier landings in the industry, all in all, this ski is made to ride the whole mountain and to have fun doing it. Our overview of the best alpine skis for 2020/2021 is… This enables the Enforcer to more than hold its own in variable conditions. With a wide rockered shovel at the tip, these skis have an added element of float that compliments their hunger for speed. Die Ski aus unserer Racetiger-Familie sind aggressiver und schmaler als alle anderen Ski und werden seit Generationen für maximalen Speed und Biss weiterentwickelt und optimiert. The 110 Free is aimed at strong skiers and open spaces, the addition of a turned-up tail makes it more manageable for everyday use and manipulating the turn radius. Light poplar runs along the edges for a strong hold and longitudinal flex, while paulownia in the core adds strength and keeps the weight to 1,900g. When put on edge, it rips on firm snow and doesn’t deflect on bumps. —Michelle Nicholson. accessories. Everyone needs a go-to ski that rips in every condition, and that’s why we built the women’s-specific Mindbender 106C Alliance. POWDER Magazine. This is the Disruption collection: the new standard in high-speed piste performance. I honestly had no bad vibes, but some testers felt they were a little stiff in the tail. POWDER Magazine. We credit that to 4FRNT’s ReflectTech shape, which creates one uninterrupted contact point on snow. A Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice winner, the Mindbender 116C is the powder ski meant to charge it all and come back for seconds. One of the longtime best-selling women’s skis, it got some small updates this year to the wood core construction, which smooths out the flex pattern and the geometry. Most of all, it is a blast to ski. K2 has a long history of breaking rules and pushing boundaries when it comes to designing skis. To my surprise, I kept up (at least a bit) and the Declivity 102 Ti no doubt helped me do so. Don’t fret, the mannerisms between the lengths are consistent, but the length affects the behaviors a bit. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). The use of a carbon spectral braid has drastically reduced the ski’s weight while maintaining strength and performance. Tradition trifft Innovation. Whether it’s recreational league racing or early morning attacks on perfect corduroy, you need a women's-specific piste ski that’s as aggressive as you are. The versatility of this ski should not be underrated. This product currently out of stock, please head into your local shop to check out their availability. —Jeff Colt. If the world needed more proof that women are superior, and that you don’t need a massive, um, tip to impress people, the Blizzard Black Pearl 97 received the highest average score in the whole dang test.


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