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When the gates are opened and all the survivors are on board, Ark 4's gate is jammed due to the hydraulic's being jammed by an Impact Driver. We had geneticists determine the perfect gene pool we need to repopulate. She was very protective when she kept Lilly Curtis safe during the flooding of Ark 4 and promised to get her family out of the flooded zoological bay. Thomas Wilson (Father-deceased) Dorothy Wilson (Mother-deceased)Adrian Helmsley (Boyfriend) She is the daughter of the late President Thomas Wilson and the late Dorothy Wilson. When the apocalypse ended and when time was reset to year one, Laura finishes the last chapter of Jackson's book, Farewell Atlantis and she begins a relationship with Adrian. Laura Wilson was played by Thandie Newton. For other films named "2012" or similar, see, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, Saturn Award for Best Action, Adventure, or Thriller Film, "Farewell Atlantis by Jackson Curtis – Fake website", "EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch the Alternate Ending for '2012'!

Laura Wilson : In 2010, Wilson and other world leaders begin a secret project to ensure humanity's survival. President Thomas Wilson [18] Uncharted Territory, Digital Domain, Double Negative, Scanline, and Sony Pictures Imageworks were hired to create 2012's computer-animated visual effects. Laura is a survivor of the 2012 apocalypse. ... Laura Wilson : No toothbrush. Wilson remains in Washington, D.C. to address the nation and, along with millions of other people worldwide, die in earthquakes and megatsunamis worldwide.

2012 (2009) Thandie Newton as Laura Wilson. [6] David Morrison of NASA, who received over 1,000 inquiries from people who thought the website was genuine, condemned it. Come. Jackson's former wife Kate and their children Noah and Lilly live with Kate's boyfriend, plastic surgeon and amateur pilot Gordon Silberman. The others are spotted by Chinese Air Force helicopters. : Adrian and Laura strike up a friendship with the Curtises; Kate thanks Laura for taking care of Lily, Laura tells Jackson that she enjoyed his book Farewell Atlantis, and Jackson and Adrian have a conversation reflecting the events of the worldwide crisis. They narrowly escape Los Angeles as much of the city collapses into the Pacific Ocean. : As they board a bus to get to Ark 4, where the American people are on board, and Ark 3 is damaged due to the roof collapsing during the shifting of the Earth's crust. President Thomas Wilson Adrian Helmsley I thought you were coming on the plane.

She is the daughter of the late President Thomas Wilson and the late Dorothy Wilson. ", "Roland Emmerich Talks 2012 Blu-ray Alternate Ending", "Five Hilariously Disaster-ffic Minutes of 2012", "Roland Emmerich's guide to disaster movies", "Big Hollywood films shooting despite strike threat", "Emmerich reveals fear of fatwa axed 2012 scene", "The One Place on Earth Not Destroyed in '2012, "Adam Lambert Feels 'Honored' To Be On '2012' Soundtrack", "2012: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack", "Early Art and Specs: 2012 Rocking on to DVD and Blu-ray", "Box Office: Johnny Depp's 'Pirates 5' Breaks Walt Disney's Memorial Day Curse", "All Time Worldwide Opening Records at the Box Office", "2012 (2009) - International Box Office Results - Box Office Mojo", "Movies and TV shows about pandemics and disasters are surging in popularity on Netflix", "The late, great planet Earth: A thoroughly destroyable show", "The 15th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards", "2010 Golden Reel Award Nominees: Feature Films", "Satellite Awards Announce 2009 Nominations", "Avatar Leads 2010 Saturn Awards Nominations", "North Korea fears 2012 disaster film will thwart rise as superpower",, Films about fictional presidents of the United States, United States presidential succession in fiction, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Best Sound Editing – Music in a Feature Film, Best Sound Editing – Sound Effects and Foley in a Feature Film, Paul N.J. Ottosson, Michael McGee, Rick Kline, Jeffrey J. Haboush, Michael Keller, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Feature Motion Picture, Outstanding Created Environment in a Feature Motion Picture, Haarm-Pieter Duiker, Marten Larsson, Ryo Sakaguchi, Hanzhi Tang for "Los Angeles Destruction", Alexandre and Philippe Haussmann as Alec and Oleg Karpov, Yuri's twin sons, Blu Mankuma as Harry Helmsley, Adrian's father and Tony Delgatto's vocal partner, Zinaid Memisevic as Sergey Makarenko, the, Lyndall Grant as the governor of California, Leonard Tenisci as the Italian Prime Minister, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 14:47.

After Jackson and his children return home, earthquakes begin in California.

Singer Adam Lambert contributed a song to the film, "Time for Miracles", and expressed his gratitude in an MTV interview. I didn't even kiss a boy till I was in college. In the ensuing chaos, Gordon, Yuri, and Tamara are killed, Tenzin is injured, and the ark begins filling with water and is set adrift. The Guardian called the film's marketing "deeply flawed", associating it with "websites that make even more spurious claims about 2012". Upon learning about the floodwaters from the tsunamis residing and the African continent being risen (which did not suffer extreme damage), Laura is relieved that they are setting sail for the Cape of Good Hope. Adrian and Laura learn about the Curtis Family along with Ark worker Tenzin and his family stowing away on the Ark. The two-disc Blu-ray edition includes over 90 minutes of features, including Adam Lambert's music video for "Time for Miracles" and a digital copy for PSP, PC, Mac, and iPod. :

I find that very hard to believe. Technical Specs, [after the door shuts after Adrian and leave]. He said the organization I work for is a sham. [5], Comcast organized a "roadblock campaign" to promote the film in which a two-minute scene was broadcast on 450 American commercial television networks, local English-language and Spanish-language stations, and 89 cable outlets during a ten-minute window between 10:50 and 11:00 pm Eastern and Pacific Time on October 1, 2009. [34] Outside North America it is the 28th-highest-grossing film, the fourth-highest-grossing 2009 film,[35] and the second-highest-grossing film distributed by Sony-Columbia, after Skyfall. Funding is raised by secretly selling tickets at €1 billion per person.


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