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Republicans held this district until 2012, when district lines were redrawn and Loretta Sanchez won and flipped CA-46 from red to blue.

While his platform commits to establishing meaningful campaign finance reform, his 2020 campaign has received donations from special interest, corporate PAC, and lobbyist organizations. Since then, housing built in California has become accessible only to those who can afford uncontrolled rent increases, and low-income families have largely been shut out from newer housing developments. Members elected before 2012 are restricted to three two-year terms (six years) in the Assembly. According to our analysis, Sharon Quirk-Silva is the strongest choice for equitable and representative leadership in office. Vote YES on Prop 25 to eliminate the use of cash bail in pretrial incarceration. If Prop 22 passes, Uber and Lyft would get away with not paying what they owe. The United States is divided into 435 congressional districts, each with a population of about 710,000 individuals. There is no term limit for this position.

“The key factor for gig companies is ‘2,’ which says that anyone performing work for a company that is the same as the business of that company is presumed to be an employee,” says Danielle Lackey, chief legal officer at Motus, which provides reimbursement solutions for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces. Assemblymember Daly has a lifetime score of only 32 out of 100 on Courage Score, our annual analysis of a legislators’ progressive voting records. Proposition 14 asks voters to authorize a total of $5.5 billion in state general obligation bonds to continue the California stem cell agency that funds research, therapy, and grants to educational, nonprofit, and private entities for Alzheimer’s, Parkison’s, epilepsy, strokes, and other central nervous system and brain conditions and diseases. Proposition 14 asks voters to authorize a total of $5.5 billion in state general obligation bonds to continue the California stem cell agency that funds research, therapy, and grants to educational, nonprofit, and private entities for Alzheimer’s, Parkison’s, epilepsy, strokes, and other central nervous system and brain conditions and diseases. She currently sits on thirteen committees, including the standing committee on Housing and Community Development and the select committees on Foster Care and Student Debt. Janet Nguyen has received endorsements from the California Pro-Life Council, National Rifle Association, and multiple law-enforcement associations.

-- FALSE. Accessed Aug. 26, 2020.

In New Jersey, where similar legislation passed eliminating the use of cash bail in 2017, a recent study concluded that defendants are continuing to show up for court cases at the same rate and that people released under the new regulations are no more likely to commit a crime while waiting for trial than those released under the previous system on money bail.

Philanthropists are the top funders of campaigns against Prop 20, including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Patty Quillin, and Stacy Schusterman.

While he has not taken the police money pledge, he has not received any donations from police organizations. In 2016, Sen. Harris became the first woman of color elected to represent California in the United States Senate. Reports conclude that the percentage of contracts granted to MWBEs never returned to pre-Prop 209 levels.

Uber and Lyft currently owe California  $413 million in unemployment insurance contributions due to misclassifying drivers as independent contractors under AB 5. Loretta is related to Annette Sanchez Flores and Gloria G Verdugo as well as 8 additional people. There are no contributions recorded for support or opposition to Prop 17. In contrast to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Rouda voted in favor of passing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act, the conference report for the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, and the motion to concur on Senate amendments to the DHS Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Teams Act. Prop 22 will codify Uber and Lyft’s abilities to systematically steal wages from drivers. In this role, the Vice President presides over Senate deliberations and can cast a tie-breaking vote in close decisions. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. In 2018 (the last year it was fully funded), CIRM-funded companies raised more than $1 billion in funding from outside investors; a sign of validation not just for the companies and their therapies, but also for CIRM and its judgment. Elect Vice President Joseph Biden as President of the United States to get America back on track.

The University of California’s analysis of Prop 209 revealed that affirmative action had increased the population of underrepresented students by at least 12 percent, with the largest effects seen at UCLA and Berkeley. Looking for something to watch?
We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. Prop 24 would create a new state agency to exclusively oversee and enforce consumer privacy. LOS ANGELES, CA: In the 2018 midterm general election California voters had the choice for US Senate on the general election ballot between liberal Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein or even more liberal Democrat opponent. “Prop 25 creates additional biases against minorities and the poor.” FALSE. According to campaign materials, Rep. Correa is running for re-election to continue to improve quality of life and middle-class access for district residents. Under the new system, when a prosecutor exercises their option to seek detention, a judge must hold a hearing and make the findings available on record before they order the person detained pretrial. Prop 24 will weaken existing safeguards and strengthen them only for consumers who are financially able to pay for better protections. In the State Assembly, Quirk-Silva authored a fee waiver bill that allows the homeless to receive an ID and a copy of their birth certificate without paying for them.

Elect Julie Diep to push Garden Grove City Council in the right direction. The federal government provides significantly more funding for stem cell research now  than it did 16 years ago, which makes the CIRM less necessary as a source of stem cell research funding. Though we disagree with Assemblymember Daly's stance on the many issues named above, and know that a stronger progressive candidate would more accurately represent the 69th district, Daly is the most progressive candidate on the ballot.

She is the daughter of a Jamiacan father and an Indian mother who both emigrated to the Bay Area in the 1960s, and established themselves as activists in the Civil Rights movement in Oakland. In recent years, this district has voted for Democratic candidates in state and federal elections, supporting Gavin Newsom with 61 percent in 2018, and Hillary Clinton with 62 percent in 2016. Support for Prop 23 is financed by SEIU United Healthcare Workers West PAC. "It hurts small businesses" -- FALSE.

California’s SB 10 goes further than New Jersey’s legislation by fully eliminating the cash bail system and has the potential to have even more positive outcomes.
This is why Uber and Lyft are spending millions of dollars: to make their operations virtually untouchable in terms of regulation. Hillary’s People’s Republic of California Jungle Primary Voter Suppression.

President Donald Trump has raised $601 million (as of 10/14/20) and has not taken any fundraising pledges.

The Biden/Harris campaign is endorsed by many progressive groups in the country. She was the first woman and the first person of color to hold this seat. She ran again in 2016, defeated Kim, and has served in this seat since.

Based on our Courage Score analysis, Daly has supported some progressive bills that made it to a vote. -- FALSE.

Sen. Harris formally launched her campaign for President in January 2019 at an Oakland rally with an estimated attendance of 20,000 supporters. At least one report suggests that the cost of reclassifying gig workers as employees could potentially bankrupt both companies, destroying the gig worker business model in the process. Prop 23 builds upon current federal requirements that report dialysis-related infections to the National Healthcare Safety Network at the Center for Disease Control to include reporting these infections to the California Department of Health.

“Prop 25 denies a U.S. constitutional right.” FALSE. Additionally, Prop 22 would restrict local regulation of app-based drivers and would criminalize the impersonation of drivers. That said, we encourage more progressive candidates that will better reflect this community’s needs to run in future cycles.

Nearly two-thirds of the jail population—nearly 48,000 people—are incarcerated pretrial, and California’s average bail is $50,000, more than five times the national average.

Sen. Harris sits on four committees: Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Budget, Judiciary, and Select Committee on Intelligence. The next largest donor is John Arnold of Arnold Ventures and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. Alastair Mactaggart, a real estate developer from San Francisco, donated the majority of the total funds for the support campaign entirely by himself, with a total of $4,892,400. If passed, Prop 20 increases penalties for low-level offenses and would create a state database that collects DNA samples from persons convicted of specified misdemeanors for us. If Prop 25 does not pass, voters will be perceived as having rejected SB 10’s reforms, in particular the effort to end the cash bail system. By eliminating the cash bail system, Prop 25 simply makes this prohibition irrelevant.

The case had been filed by the Attorney General of California, joined by the City Attorneys of Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.. Third, all judicial decisions are now required to be publicly recorded and therefore more transparent and available for public scrutiny. Under Prop 22, companies do not pay for health insurance, but instead provide a stipend to drivers. "Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. The Superior Court of Los Angeles County," Page 7. Although Rep. Rouda bested challenger Steel by a double-digit margin in the March primary, the four Republican candidates in that race earned a combined total of 50.6 percent of the vote, confirming the likelihood of a close race in November. "Removes a landlord’s right to profit." All decisions made by judges will also be required to be publicly recorded. California should maintain net neutrality so people do not have to pay for companies to safeguard their personal information. She has been criticized for failing to institute comprehensive police accountability measures, for not establishing meaningful prison reform, and for taking a hands-off approach to cases related to police misconduct. She is out of elective office and looking for a stepping stone to get back in.


Assemblymember Daly is endorsed by labor organizations in the district. Republicans typically held this district until 2018, when Harley Rouda won and flipped CA-48 from red to blue.

Vote YES to continue the CIRM, a state agency that has distributed a significant source of funding to scientific research programs and enterprises across the state, both nonprofit and for-profit. As Vice President, he was responsible for managing the 2009 economic recovery, helping to expand health care through the Affordable Care Act, and acting as the administration’s liaison to the Senate. Proposition 18 asks California voters to amend the Constitution of California to allow 17-year-olds to vote in the primary election if they. "Makes the housing crisis worse." Prop 21 actually guarantees a landlord’s right to profit.

California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) extends employee classification status to gig workers.

Accessed Aug. 26, 2020. Women of color continue to face systemic racism in the wage gap and earn an estimated $946,120 less than white men over a 40-year career. Quirk-Silva currently sits on the Assembly Higher Education Committee and the Communications and Conveyance Committee. This is a clear improvement over the lax requirements that existed before SB 10.


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