mega all materia ff7

It’s simple enough to understand: a formidable, non-elemental attack that ravages all enemies. For example, if you chose to do a combo between All and Ice, then all … All Materia also gives you the ability to attack every enemy in the battle with one use of a Magic Materia (as long as they’re paired together in the same slot of your armor).

Added Effect: Can be linked to some Magic Materia and some Summon Materia. MEGA ALL: Attack All: 'All' effects on every action 1-All 1x/[20,000 AP] 2-All 2x/[40,000 AP] 3-All 3x/[80,000 AP] 4-All 4x/[160,000 AP] M-All 5x [Northern Cave] The Phoenix trick, in particular, is one of the only ways many players have survived the battle with Emerald Weapon and other challenging opponents. A few examples are listed below: All Materia Probably the most important Support Materia in the game.
The power of All --and Mega-All, of course, by extension— lies in what it allows the player to do. Oftentimes in Final Fantasy games, straightforward strength boosts and physical attacks can be a very effective route to take. *Guide from Final Fantasy Wiki* [] After beating the boss on the 68th Floor, grab the Enemy Skill materia that's on the floor. 4- Summon Materia linked to Added Cut along with W-Summon Summon spell casted once, then a slash, then a Summon, plus one more slash. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. While some players sorely miss this system, It took an element of skill out of the battles. : You control opponent's movements/[40,000 AP][Initial equipping (Cait Sith)][Disc 2: Fort Condor, Rocket Town Shops @ 10,000 Gil], MIME:Mime: Mimics attack immediately before your command/[100,000 AP][Wutai Area Materia Cave], ENEMY SKILL:E.Skill: Use enemy skills used on you[Shinra Bldg 68f, Upper Junon Respectable Inn, Forgotten City, Chocobo Sage's House (Chocobo)], MASTER COMMAND:Equips all Commands[Cosmo Canyon Observatory (Yellow Huge Materia), Mourner of Kalm], MP PLUS:Increases MP capacity1-MaxMPUP +10%/[10,000 AP]2-MaxMPUP +20%/[20,000 AP]3-MaxMPUP +30%/[30,000 AP]4-MaxMPUP +40%/[50,000 AP]M-MaxMPUP +50%[Cosmo Canyon, Mideel Shops @ 8,000 Gil], HP PLUS:Increases HP capacity1-MaxHPUP +10%/[10,000 AP]2-MaxHPUP +20%/[20,000 AP]3-MaxHPUP +30%/[30,000 AP]4-MaxHPUP +40%/[50,000 AP]M-MaxHPUP +50%[Junon Military Send Off (mid score)][Cosmo Canyon, Mideel Shops @ 8,000 Gil], SPEED PLUS:Increases "Dexterity"1-Dexterity +10%/[15,000 AP]2-Dexterity +20%/[30,000 AP]3-Dexterity +30%/[60,000 AP]4-Dexterity +40%/[100,000 AP]M-Dexterity +50%[Gold Saucer Battle Square], MAGIC PLUS:Increases "Magic"1-Magic +10%/[10,000 AP]2-Magic +20%/[20,000 AP]3-Magic +30%/[30,000 AP]4-Magic +40%/[50,000 AP]M-Magic +50%[Corral Valley Cave], LUCK PLUS:Increases "Luck"1-Luck +10%/[15,000 AP]2-Luck +20%/[30,000 AP]3-Luck +30%/[60,000 AP]4-Luck +40%/[100,000 AP]M-Luck +50%[Temple of the Ancients], EXP PLUS:EXP.UP: Receive more EXP points1-[60,000 AP]2-[150,000 AP][Gold Saucer Wonder Square @ 2,000 GP], GIL PLUS:Gil UP: Earn more gil after battles1-[80,000 AP]2-[150,000 AP][Gold Saucer Wonder Square @ 1,000 GP], ENEMY LURE:Encount Up: Increases Encounter rate1-[10,000 AP]2-[50,000 AP][Gold Saucer Battle Square], ENEMY AWAY:Encount Down: Decreases Encounter rate1-[10,000 AP]2-[50,000 AP][Gold Saucer Chocobo Square], CHOCOBO LURE:Meet Chocobos: Attracts Chocobo1-[3,000 AP]2-[10,000 AP]3-[30,000 AP][Chocobo Farm (Disc 2)][Chocobo Farm (Choco Billy) @ 2,000 Gil], PRE-EMPTIVE:Pre-emptive: Increases rate of pre-emptive attacks1-[8,000 AP]2-[20,000 AP]3-[40,000 AP]4-[80,000 AP][Gold Saucer Battle Square], LONG RANGE:Long range attack: Same Attack Power even from the back row/[80,000 AP][Mythril Mine], MEGA ALL:Attack All: 'All' effects on every action1-All 1x/[20,000 AP]2-All 2x/[40,000 AP]3-All 3x/[80,000 AP]4-All 4x/[160,000 AP]M-All 5x[Northern Cave], COUNTER ATTACK:Counter attack: Counter attacks when damage is incurred1-[10,000 AP]2-[20,000 AP]3-[50,000 AP]4-[100,000 AP][Mt.

An invaluable weapon against the game’s optional superbosses. Having a single material that contains all the magics of that family is essential for excelling near the end of the game. Sometimes causes [Stop] (82 MP)/[5,000 AP]2-Break: Very strong Earth magic. This Materia allows for quick and easy healing of allies with low health early in the game and Restore Materia should always be paired with an All Materia (unless of course you have a Mega-All Materia , which you have access to …

It’s a fantastic materia on its own but combined with the Mega All materia every magic spell will be capable of hitting all enemies at once on the battlefield. 1 Reactor][Sector 7, Sector 5, Wall Market, Fort Condor, Upper Junon, Costa del Sol, Mideel Shops @ 750 Gil], HEAL:1-Poisona: Heals Poison (3 MP)/[12,000 AP]2-Esuna: Cures unusual status (15 MP)/[52,000 AP]3-Resist: Makes target resistant to transformation (120 MP)/[60,000 AP][Kalm, Upper Junon, Costa del Sol, Gongaga Shops @ 1,500 Gil], REVIVE:1-Life: Restores life (34 MP)/[45,000 AP]2-Life2: Restores life and all HP (100 MP)/[55,000 AP][Upper Junon, Costa del Sol Shops @ 3,000 Gil], SEAL:(Sleep/Silence)1-Sleepel: Puts opponent to Sleep (8 MP)/[10,000 AP]2-Silence: Constrains magic (24 MP)/[20,000 AP][Upper Junon, Costa del Sol Shops @ 3,000 Gil], MYSTIFY:(Confusion/Berserk) 1-Confu: Confuses opponent (18 MP)/[12,000 AP]2-Berserk: Causes opponent to go berserk (28 MP)/[25,000 AP][Gongaga, Cosmo Canyon Shops @ 6,000 Gil], TRANSFORM:(Frog/Small)1-Mini: Induces or cures a [Small] state (10 MP)/[8,000 AP]2-Toad: Induces or cures a [Frog] state (14 MP)/[24,000 AP][Mt. A Materia that lets the player happily spam it again and again for no cost, that’s what.

Read the fine print though;“Attacks with paired *Command* when damage is incurred” This indicates that you must use Command Materia, rather than Magic Materia, in order to activate the effect. New players often ask which are the ‘best’ Materia to use in Final Fantasy 7, which is a tough one to answer. As the Cure spell levels up, it heals a lot more, and this Materia also gives you Regen.

If you pair it on your armor you can make a character immune to specific status effects. The issue with being a multi-target spell, though, is that it tends to suffer in terms of damage per target. Counter Materia: This Materia is not the same as Counter Attack Materia. It can be paired with the following Materia: Poison (Bio), Seal (Sleep, Silence), Mystify (Confuse, Berserk), Transform (Mini, Toad), Time (Haste, Slow, Stop), Destruct (Death), Contain (Confusion, Stop, Petrify), Choco/Mog (Stop), Odin (Death), Hades (Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Mini, Slow, Paralysis). Here’s the thing about W-Item, though: it’s much stronger than it appears. HP Plus and MP Plus Materia becomes available when the party reaches Cosmo Canyon (check the store there), and while it’s pricey for that point in the game, it can have an amazing impact on your characters. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. RELATED: Final Fantasy 7: The 10 Best Areas, Ranked. : Casts two Summon spells at once/[250,000 AP][Gold Saucer Battle Square], W-ITEM:W-Item: Use two items at once/[250,000 AP][Midgar Winding Tunnel], STEAL:1-Steal: Steal item [40,000 AP]2-Mug: Steals from opponent at a given rate while attacking [50,000 AP] [Midgar Sewer][Kalm Shop @ 1,200 Gil], SENSE:Sense: Sense opponent's HP/MP/etc/[40,000 AP][Midgar Sector 6, Initial equipping (Red XIII)][Kalm, Upper Junon Shops @ 1,000 Gil], THROW:1-Throw: Throw items damaging opponent/[45,000 AP]2-Coin: What can I say? Fortunately, a resistance organization known as Avalanche has vowed to put an end to Shinra's destructive practices in the blockbuster RPG Final Fantasy VII. In any Final Fantasy game, this is a huge advantage. For the information below, refer to the following key: MATERIA NAME(Elemental/Added Effect) Level-Ability Name: Description (MP to use it)/[Total AP to level up] [Where/how to acquire it][Where to purchase it @ Price], FIRE:(Fire) 1-Fire: Fire element attack (4 MP)/[2,000 AP]2-Fire2: Fire element attack (22 MP)/[18,000 AP]3-Fire3: Fire element attack (52 MP)/[35,000 AP][Initial equipping (Red XIII)][Sector 7, Sector 5, Wall Market, Fort Condor, Lower Junon, Costa del Sol, Mideel Shops @ 600 Gil], ICE:(Ice) 1-Ice: Ice element attack (4 MP)/[2,000 AP]2-Ice2: Ice element attack (22 MP)/[18,000 AP]3-Ice3: Ice element attack (52 MP)/[35,000 AP][Initial equipping (Cloud)][Sector 7, Sector 5, Wall Market, Fort Condor, Lower Junon, Costa del Sol, Mideel Shops @ 600 Gil], EARTH:(Earth) 1-Quake: Earth element attack (6 MP)/[6,000 AP]2-Quake2: Earth element attack (28 MP)/[22,000 AP]3-Quake3: Earth element attack (68 MP)/[40,000 AP][Kalm, Lower Junon, (Disc 2: Costa del Sol) Shops @ 1,500 Gil], LIGHTNING:(Lightning) 1-Bolt: Lightning element attack (4 MP)/[2,000 AP]2-Bolt2: Lightning element attack (22 MP)/[18,000 AP]3-Bolt3: Lightning element attack (52 MP)/[35,000 AP][Initial equipping (Cloud)][Sector 7, Sector 5, Wall Market, Fort Condor, Lower Junon, Costa del Sol, Mideel Shops @ 600 Gil], RESTORE:1-Cure: Restores HP (5 MP)/[2,500 AP]2-Cure2: Restores HP (24 MP)/[17,000 AP]3-Regen: Gradually restores HP (30 MP)/[25,000 AP]4-Cure3: Restores HP (64 MP)/[40,000 AP][Midgar No.


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