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Gallery: Pearl Krabs (Oftenly referred to as simply Pearl) is a whale who is very spoiled towards her greedy father, Eugene Harold Armorabs Krabs even though her "parents" are all crabs and Pearl herself is a whale. She eventually gets over him and goes to prom with SpongeBob. The next Middle image was Pearl as a child. Pearl acts like a crybaby in many episodes she's in. For further questions go to SpongePedia:Contents ! Her body and physique was not shown in the image because cloth was wrapped around her. UnAnything Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Pearl whenever she's happy. If she yells very loudly her opponent will be deaf. Stephen Hillenburg was strongly against revealing the identity of Pearl's mom. She is one of SpongeBob's good friends. Add a photo to this gallery Pearl Krabs/Gallery < Pearl Krabs. Eugene Harold Krabs, mostly known as Mr. Krabs (born November 30, 1942), is one of the main characters in Nickelodeon's popular animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. Aside from being gifted in math, Pearl's talents include cheerleading, playing the saxophone, and playing the piano. She was killed by Space Marine Soldier and was molded into a couch along with some other members of the Satanist Empire. Her room is on the top floor of the house, which is an absurd decision on Mr. Krabs' part because Pearl is so heavy and has broken through her room's floor before. She does this all while smiling incessantly, but Mr. Krabs is sour the entire time, saying "I hate the pill!" Pearl convinced them to join her on a shopping spree by describing the mall as "the most awesome place to get the best, super-coolish, glittershly fabulous new stuff you want!". Pearl is a very sexist character who thinks that all boys are the same. In the episode, Pearl makes him a big breakfast of bran products and feeds him his daily pill. Pearl is usually upbeat, unlike her dad, who can be crabby at times. ScumBob Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Pearl lives in an anchor with her father at Mr. Krabs and Pearl's house in Bikini Bottom. Pearl is a main character in the SpongeBob series who made her debut in the season one episode "Squeaky Boots". Long, Tan and Handsome) ditches her in "The Chaperone". She also sports white heeled boots, which are made of barnacles. Pearl has gray skin and is very tall compared to the other characters. She was beaten real good by her father, Mr. Krabs, who cared nothing more than money. How could I have done such a thing to me own flesh and blood?

July 2020 — Pearl, in the episode "The Chaperone" Character. She always called him a cheapskate and other names, but eventually, she was then abused by her father since he said "Pearl, I had enough of YOU! In The Algae's Always Greener, a fake photo with Plankton exists in the opposite world or parallel universe. Add a photo to this gallery. She is revealed to be sixteen-years-old in the episode "Whale of a Birthday". She also said that boys don't understand tea parties in the episode Sleepy Time. She had no hair at that time.

Even boys themselves. She has since used the dress for many different occasions, such as her birthday and the fake wedding between SpongeBob and Sandy in "Truth or Square." and then asking Pearl if he is out of touch. She is one of SpongeBob's good friends. The weird thing is that, in the episode "The Slumber Party", everyone except herself stereotypes boys. Please note: Due to constant attempts by spambots to get access to SpongePedia, account creation is currently disabled. Pearl Krabs is an infamous character that first appeared in Squeaky Boots. This page was last modified on 19 August 2020, at 06:01. Pearl was the second main character that series creator Stephen Hillenburg designed for the show. ), Pearl the Whale, W**** Whale, (Simply) Pearl. Pearl sometimes wears a pink tiara along with this dress. ", and after Pearl heard what Googolplex said, she joined his empire and turned from "Athiest" to Satanist. Plankton as Pegleg Pete. Behind Pearl's bed is a photo of her surfing above the surface. Pearl Krabs is the daughter of Eugene H. Krabs. in general chronologically and is the third member in the, HaloBob GunPants: Battle of Bikini Bottom, HaloBob GunPants: Battle for Bikini Bottom 2, All of the members of the Satanist Empire (Both members that stayed and members that left the empire. Pearl was the second main character that Stephen Hillenburg created for the series. Supporting characters: Patchy • Potty • French Narrator • Mermaid Man • Barnacle Boy • Flying Dutchman • King Neptune • Larry the Lobster • Father SquarePants • Mother SquarePants • Grandma SquarePants • Realistic Fish Head • Perch Perkins • Bikini Bottomites • Jellyfish, Major Employees: - SpongeBob SquarePants • Squidward Tentacles • Cashy, Minor Employees: - Jim • Patrick Star • Patricia • Sandy Cheeks • Pearl Krabs • Gary the Snail • Carl • Stanley SquarePants • Not SpongeBob • Pirates (Grandpappy the Pirate), Variations: - Krusty Kantina • 5 Star Krusty Krab • Krabby O Mondays • The Kuddly Krab • The Krusty Sponge • Krusty Towers • The Krusty Krab 2, Machines: - Trash Chute • Dishwasher • Cashy • Krusty Krab's TV • DJ System • Patty Gadget Pearl appears without Mr. Krabs in the episodes "Tunnel of Glove," "Patnocchio," and "Goons on the Moon.". In Squeaky Boots. ", "As far as disasters go, that was really fun.".

She is a whale who lives with her father, Mr. Krabs, in a hollow anchor.Pearl loves tea parties, boy bands, and trips to the mall.

She also sometimes acts jerky and bratty, no wonder her "Father" barely spent money on her seasons 1-3. She also became heartless to the point that she even harassed Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks, and even Plankton and Karen. Mrs. She is a whale, which means Mr. Krabs was once married, and her mother was most likely a whale. Get out..... or DIE!". Spongebob Squarepants Drawing Spongebob Drawings Cartoon Drawings Spongebob Memes Spongebob Painting Cartoon Painting Classic Cartoon Network Shows Cartoon Caracters Spongebob Squarepants. She has solid blue, oval-shaped eyes and six eyelashes on each eye.

Pearl's normal outfit is a pink cheerleader dress with a purple skirt and the letter "P" stitched on the front. Pearl is one of the few characters with one eye on each side of her head, meaning she has monocular vision.

Then she went back to Bikini Bottom and owned Mr. Krabs's a** to get her "revenge" on him. Pearl was small, with a big head and no lipstick whatsoever. She is a sperm whale who lives in an anchor with her father, Eugene H. Krabs. Pearl Krabs is one of the main characters in the series. SpongeBob and Pearl are good friends (Pearl calls him a "great" one). Pearl Krabs is a main character in the original SpongeBob series. Though then she encountered Googolplex, and he told and chatted with her: "Pearl, if your father is both greedy and abusive, and if you want to get revenge, join me, and you can have anything you want, just don't be spoiled, OK? Like the roles are reversed. Pearl after she was revived by Googolplex. Usually, only four pleats are visible since she is normally seen from the side. SpongeBob only makes two cameos in each episode. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Please log in to get the full benefit of SpongePedia. There is a red heart shape on the bottom of her nose that turns into lips when she kisses. In the following picture it shows Pearl at 3 stages: Baby, Child and Teen. She wants nothing more than to fit in with the other residents of Bikini Bottom, but this is impossible to do because she is literally the biggest teenager in the ocean. Pearl's favorite place to visit in the whole world is the Bikini Bottom Mall.

Simon Seville as Dale. The image on the far right shows Pearl as a Teenager. Pearl has quite a few members of her family. Alvin Seville as Chip. Band posters and sports flags can usually be seen on the walls. Zerochan has 2 Pearl Krabs anime images, and many more in its gallery. As Pearl aged, she got bigger and bigger. . One of the paintings shows a sperm whale of normal size swimming under a boat. Since Pearl is a whale, and mammals have lungs, she needs air to breathe. Pearl's first boyfriend Octavius Rex (a.k.a. Here is the known list. You can help the ScumBob Wiki by. Scrooge McDuck - Mr. Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants) Gallery: ... Sandy Cheeks as Minnie Mouse. She has blonde hair that she ties in a ponytail with a pink scrunchie. She also said that boys don't understand tea parties in the episode Sleepy Time.


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