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Lucario desperately tries to free himself, but it stunned by Registeel. He suddenly hears a voice from the jewel crying "Why?". Another blob takes James, who then sends out Chimecho, telling it to save itself. Lucario thanks Ash and then starts to disappear. On the other side, Pikachu comes out from another tunnel (with Mew and Meowth still in the tunnel). Once again Ash hears a voice from the jewel. Satoshi harus memecahkan berbagai misteri di mana Pikachu, apa yang diungkap oleh Mew, apa rahasia legenda Pemimpin Gelombang dan bagaimana ikatan itu dengan masa lalu Lucario yang tersembunyi saat ia menuju ke “Pohon Asal-usul Dunia” dengan Lucario. Blue crystal pillars stick out from wall to wall. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support. Before the tournament begins, Queen Ilene, the ruler of the palace along with her maid Jenny and her Pokémon Mime Jr., steps out to the royal box seat to officially begin the tournament. Both Lucario and Ash begin channeling energy into Mew. Ash tells everyone the story of how he and Pikachu became partners and best friends while saving it from a flock of Spearow during the lightning storm.

Segera setelah itu, Pemimpin Gelombang Pokemon “Lucario” dibebaskan dari segelnya yang berabad-abad dan bertemu Satoshi. Down one of the tunnels, Jessie and James note that they've somehow managed to survive, as Meowth finds them and the three friends are happily reunited. In this room, Lucario looks to the side and notices that there is a crystal formation with Sir Aaron's body inside it. Seeing as how it is a flower, they decided to plant it. They jump down to Ash and company, landing with a crash. They continue to travel down to the Tree of Beginning, but they stop once more. They watch as Aaron begins delivering his Aura, the only energy that would suffice, to Mew.

Start: Jul 16, 2005 Meanwhile, Max arrives and finds the door hard to open. Brock, May, Kidd head down the right tunnel, and when Ash asks if Lucario is following, he says he won't leave until Ash finds Pikachu, knowing Ash would do the same for him. Lucario throws an Aura Sphere at it to stun it long enough to get away. He heads to a crystal formation on the ground, touching it and then speaks through the crystal to his master, Sir Aaron, an Aura Guardian, who is at Cameran Palace. In another room, Ash and company finds a costume closet and decide to dress more appropriately. Mew hops onto a bubble, followed by Pikachu. Ho-Oh also comes in, revealing itself to be Mew. Status: Finished Airing Pikachu smiles a bit, but it still cannot help the feeling of being separated from Ash.

Suddenly, from the two pathways on the road, the green army charges through the small pathway. As Brock passes out the plates to everyone a Bonsly takes one of them before he can get to it. Both Meowth and Pikachu dodge, the attack hits the other Pokémon, freezing them. She makes her way outside from the window, Meowth noticing and follows. James tries to save her by sending out Cacnea, using Pin Missile, as the rest of the group appears behind him.

While going through the tunnels, Ash asks what happened to the others. Bonsly remains with Mew at the Tree of Beginning, both of them thrilled to have found a friend.

She jumps off from one roof to the next. Kidd identifies it as a Time Flower, explaining that it records events in the area at the time it was planted and then it can replay the scene at a later time when activated by Aura.

Mew is excited that Pikachu is awake and well, playing around with it for a moment. He sees that it has changed, and memories of him and Aaron soon start replaying in his mind as he walks about. Pikachu, desperate to save Ash, grabs onto his hand and is assisted by Grovyle and Phanpy with Corphish and Swellow watching and supporting them to save Ash. Rin observes from afar that the Tree of Beginning is suffering from the conflict. She tries to take Bonsly into the water, but the small Pokémon jumps out and hides behind Phanpy. The gang are quickly on the run again, and Cacnea and Chimecho are left standing sad and confused over what happened to their Trainers. As Kidd gets "eaten", she releases both her Weavile from their Poké Balls. Aaron isn't a hero to this long-dormant Pokémon—all Lucario remembers is the master that betrayed it! And with that, a mother reads the story to her daughter. Kidd notices this and figures that the plan did not go as well as expected. Aaron takes a bite of something and reacts positively; a closeup reveals a bar of chocolate like the one Max shared with Lucario earlier. May and Ash think Brock was too harsh, but Max points out that Bonsly is only using Fake Tears, and the Bonsly runs away with the food. Ash, Brock, Max, and their Pokémon (except Phanpy) take a swim in the hot spring. Pikachu meanwhile continues using his senses to look for Ash, followed by Mew and a very tired Meowth. Lucario cannot believe what he is hearing and implores him to wait, but Aaron throws down his scepter, which absorbs Lucario into a jewel at its top; from within the jewel, Lucario can see Aaron going off and feels betrayed by his master. Suddenly, all of the crystals turn red in color. Max notices their Pokémon are missing, until he spots Munchlax nabbing a plate of fruit and going back upstairs with it; Max follows Munchlax to the top. Aaron tells Lucario that he has abandoned the palace and the Queen and will not be returning. He continues on when the wind gets too strong. Source: Game Pikachu goes up to and pokes his head in along with Mew.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Kidd doesn't answer at first, making Ash realize that they were taken by the blobs.

Check out Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.. Back at the ball, Jenny tells Ash to stand up and copy the hero's pose as shown on the Sir Aaron poster. Kidd slips away from the ball into the same direction the Pokémon went off to. Kidd gets a warning that the probes are rapidly being destroyed, and that some sort of immune system in the Tree has been activated, which seeks out and destroys intruders.

He asks if he could get some food but Jenny keeps him down on the throne, telling him to act like the hero, Sir Aaron. A Registeel becomes aware of the intruders and begins to hunt them as well. Kidd tries to stop Ash, telling him he would be sacrificing himself, but Ash explains that if he doesn't help, the Tree (as well as Mew and all the other Pokémon living in it) would die. Lucario stumbles down next to Aaron's crystal, exhausted and in the same condition as Aaron when he collapsed.

Looking at Ilene, Lucario mistakes her for Rin and is glad to see her. Kidd deploys out small helicopter gadgets to gather information about the Tree, then follows Ash.

The Bonsly runs off behind a rock, peeking behind it once in a while. The blob takes Lucario, but soon dissolves itself as the Tree does not consider Pokémon hostile. As things seem to turn for the better, a Regice stands in front of Ash's path and begins firing a barrage of Ice Beams. The memory is interrupted when Ash told Lucario to jump in, but Lucario simply walks off, Ash a bit annoyed by his cold attitude. Kidd confers with Banks and finds out that everything is normal. Brock reveals Kidd has been on a lot of major adventure fronts, including deep sea diving in a sub and space travel.
Ash's Pokémon, devastated by their loss, begin to cry. She sees Mew and then puts on a pair of special glasses and begins reporting information to her boss, Banks. She also says that she saw Mew transform into a Pidgeot and take them away to the Tree of Beginning. Mew stores the power and once enough has been stored, goes to the core to begin the Tree's restoration.

Mew sees how upset Pikachu is from losing Ash and flies up, touching a crystal. The others try to find another way to get past them. Japanese: ポケットモンスターアドバンスジェネレーション ミュウと波導の勇者 ルカリオ

Hundreds of years ago, Camaron Palace and its people were saved by the noble sacrifice of Sir Aaron, an Aura Knight.
In the nick of time, Kidd uses her grappling hook to swing across and grab Ash and Pikachu, landing at the tunnel entrance where Lucario is standing.

During the credits, they find out the tapestry in the castle showing Aaron holding up his scepter has changed; it now includes Lucario, Aaron's partner and friend, standing beside him. Tinos Adventures of Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is another Weekenders/Pokémon crossover film made by Punkasaurus0530 and Frogadier55.It will appear on Pandora.TV in the near future. Ash goes on ahead to another tunnel, followed by Lucario. DriveNime adalah tempat khusus untuk mendownload anime batch subtitle indonesia Di Google Drive dengan kualitas HD BD .mkv 1080p, 720p, 480p dan karena Drivenime mempunyai kualitas tinggi maka website ini cocok bagi Para Kolektor! At the end of the tunnel, they come to a large cave of ancient Pokémon.

Jessie and James stow away in the trunk. At the same moment, Munchlax comes into the room and finds itself frozen in a block of ice. Lucario and Ash manage to lose the Regis, but they come up to a huge crevice with crystal pillars coming out from side to side. One of them makes it through and almost catches Kidd, but Lucario gets in the way.

With Pikachu unconscious and the other Pokémon frozen, both Mew and Meowth are on their own. Ash comes up to him, apologizing for his earlier words against him.

The Second Raid Subtitle Indonesia Batch, Majimoji Rurumo: Kanketsu-hen Subtitle Indonesia Batch, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS BD Subtitle Indonesia Batch, Girls & Panzer Movie Specials BD Subtitle Indonesia, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Season 2 Subtitle Indonesia Batch, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Along the way they see Kidd waving from her Humvee before leaving. She goes on to explain that the memories that seem to him like yesterday, are in fact ancient events. Brock finds Bonsly below eating the lunch. Lucario appears horrified and begins throwing Aura Spheres at them, barely missing Ash in the process.

The crystals turn green and emit bright beams of light across the land as well as in the castle.

Taking this chance, Kidd sends out two Weavile and orders them to place a tracking device on Mew. She introduces herself as Kidd Summers. They decide to stop until the eruptions subside and take a dip. In the attic, Mew takes on its original form, looking at Meowth to see if he is alright.


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