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Robert Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg (John D'Aquino; main season 1, guest season 3) served as seaQuest`s supply and morale officer. Cleo [6] His mother is deceased.[7]. 3 Episodes, Steven Spielberg 8 Episodes, Marco Sanchez Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of seaQuest DSV with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at

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Piccolo was offered and then received a pair of genetically altered gills, allowing him to breathe underwater like a fish.

Lieutenant JG Tim O'Neill (Ted Raimi) was the communications officer of the seaQuest DSV 4600, originally serving under Captain Marilyn Stark. [11], The character of O'Neill was originally supposed to be a character named Garry Stephen Bachmann from Ottawa, Canada. 1 Episode, Elizabeth Storm Manheim The character that ultimately became Ortiz underwent two radical changes before becoming what it did. 2 Episodes, Don Davis Katherine Hitchcock (uncredited), Michael York's Body Guard 1 Episode, Rob Youngblood Julianna 2 Episodes (2005-2005), Kathy Evison

1 Episode, Helaine Head

Henderson initially showed an interest in Lieutenant O'Neill and the two spent some shore leave together. 1 Episode, Robert Dohring Reed The producers wanted a character different from Bridger, so instead of being the relaxed fatherly figure Hudson had more of a military personality. Steven Spielberg took an expensive plunge with tales of a 1000-foot research submarine (Deep Submergence Vehicle) helmed by a crusty captain coaxed out of retirement to conduct experiments and patrol underwater colonies in the year 2018. 1 Episode, Kellie Martin (uncredited), Colonist Kaman Commander Jonathan Devin Ford (Don Franklin) comes from a very financially well off family, his father owning "Ford Freeport: Aquacultural Engineering", one of the largest undersea farming companies in the world. 1 Episode, Russ Landau

The two actors originally considered for the role of Brody were Dan Gauthier and Paul Gross. 1 Episode, Timothy Omundson Filming & Production His last words were "With your shield or on it."

(uncredited), Dock Worker

She became extremely fearful of ever piloting it again and since the UEO had invested so much in her training, they convinced her to wear a "psyche-implant"; a device that literally "programmed the scare out of her". Benjamin Krieg 1 Episode, Tom Celli After the seaQuest mysteriously disappeared off the face of the Earth in 2022, Hudson began a ten year search for the missing ship and crew while in command of a slow-moving, long-distance hauler, which he believed would give him the best chance of finding it.

/ ... J.J. Fredricks 1 Episode, Joe Seneca

As the Sensor Chief, Ortiz was responsible for controlling the boat's WSKRs (Wireless Sea Knowledge Retrieval Satellites) and was also involved in various away missions. [19] The aspects concerning his father would have been dealt with had the series not ended, in what would have been the 15th episode of the season, "Depths of Deceit".[20]. 1 Episode, Gregory Martin


SeaQuest DSV Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. He remained aboard the boat after she had been relieved of duty and the seaQuest was refitted to serve as more of a research vessel.

Dagwood was the imperfect prototype Dagger, intended as supersoldiers, but, he was reassigned to custodial duties, eventually being placed aboard the new seaQuest DSV in 2021. Shan 1 Episode, Richard Herd Biff 2 Episodes (2005-2005), Burt Brinckerhoff

1 Episode, Juan Fernandez

[18] Hudson replaced Roy Scheider's Nathan Bridger as the star of the series for season 3. 1 Episode, Michael Nickles

Thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant Brody and Ensign Wolenczak, Fredericks was able to fight against their programming and McGath's life was saved.

(uncredited), Orchestra Musician - Dream Sequence Smith was eventually killed when the Seaquest‘s crew got involved in the Hyperion civil war.

1 Episode, Leslie Bega 1 Episode, Royce D. Applegate

Liste der Besetung: Roy Scheider, Jonathan Brandis, Stephanie Beacham u.v.m. 1 Episode, Max Brown Abalon Esteros Lucas Wolenczak


Captain Oliver Hudson (Michael Ironside; season 3) was the third commanding officer of the seaQuest after Captain Marilyn Stark and Captain Nathan Bridger. The series went through significant cast changes after every season it was on the air. 3 Episodes, Irvin Kershner Dagwood (Peter DeLuise; seasons 2 & 3) was the prototype G.E.L.F.

The character of Dr. Smith was originally two different characters; Diane Page, a 35 year old African American Ph.D and Wendy Woo, a 25 year old M.D.. "Good Soldiers", which was the character's last appearance, originally did not include Bridger at all; Scheider's character was written into the script in order to fulfill contractual obligations. The character of Ford was originally supposed to have a far different background, originally having him been a poor kid from Chicago who joined the navy to get away from his gang life after witnessing the death of his older brother.

1 Episode, John T. Kretchmer The producers of the show originally wanted Tamara Tunie and Kelly Hu respectively.[15]. Krieg was involved in a few minor transgressions during his tour of duty, such as attempting to extort an Arctic research outpost by selling them thermal underwear at an inflated price, as well as sneaking two pounds of outlawed ground beef aboard the boat with the intention of making a real cheeseburger.

On more than one occasion, he was ordered to board enemy vessels and colonies to take the occupants into custody. Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks (Elise Neal; season 3) had served with Captain Hudson aboard the hauler he commanded prior to both of them signing aboard seaQuest. 1 Episode, Luca Bercovici Henderson, Henderson, Lonnie Henderson, We weren't sure at first what "relay dances" were either…. Before joining seaQuest, Dr. Westphalen had attempted to contact Nathan Bridger in the name of scientific research, however, she was informed that he was incommunicado. Rawlings Crocker At some point in his life, Brody sired a son with a woman. One of Picollo's most important aspects, according to Producer Carleton Eastlake, is "he's also the most human of the whole crew, because he's really very unsophisticated."[17]. 1 Episode, Felicity Waterman 1 Episode, Mario Ernesto Sanchez While at the academy, he painted the homecoming mule pink, something that Captain Bridger later found amusing. He proved his worth to the seaQuest crew almost immediately when he saved Lieutenant O'Neill's life when a large turbine collapsed on top of him, lifting the immense vent off of him. He also shared some sort of unknown psychic link with Darwin which allowed him to sense when Darwin was ill.[10] A religious man since childhood, O'Neill was taught to believe that evolution topped out with mankind and had a difficult time believing in intelligent life on other planets, although, secretly wished that it existed. O'Neill specialized in foreign languages, was fluent in at least a dozen and could adequately speak several others. 1 Episode, Sam Jenkins

Tony Piccolo 7 Episodes, Bryan Spicer


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