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There are many unexplained subplots and the story is completely open to the most different interpretations, and of course I have mine. Our neighbor Donna has a knack for buying offbeat DVDs, and 'Swimming Pool' is one of the more. She doesn't want to be seen as a mother, but as a woman. As the swimmer (Burt Lancaster) pauses beside each pool, his conversations with the owners sound real enough, and yet somehow they are very stiff, very correct, as if everybody were reading lines or this were a dream. It's a kind of hidden suspense... Ludivine (who plays Julie) is a beautiful, well shaped young girl, with a marvelous body, but even Charlotte Rampling is outspoken and gave herself to the film and to the director, Francois Ozon. Malang Movie Review: Disha and Aditya on a poster (courtesy malangfilm), Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani, Anil Kapoor, Kunal Kemmu, Elli Avram. Swimming Pool follows Sarah Morton, a British author that travels to her publisher's dream home in France in order to have a rest while she works on her new book. Sarah begins to encourage Julie. Revisiting the Disturbing Summer Movie 'The Swimmer', Fifty Years On This prescient take on the American Dream, starring Burt Lancaster, deserves a deep dive. After shooting the pool scene in the movie Poltergeist, actress JoBeth Williams later found out that the skeletons she was swimming around with in the mud were real. Read | 'JU-ON: Origins' review: Is Netflix's first Japanese horror original really worth it? She adds that he refused to get intimate with her, which angered her and led her to kill him mercilessly.

Swimming Pool (2003) All I had heard before recently viewing Francois Ozon's Swimming Pool is that the lead actress, Ludivine Sagnier, was searingly sexy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MovieDetails community, Press J to jump to the feed. I was surprised by many comments that talk about a 'foreign film'. Sarah tries to distance herself from Julie’s promiscuous lifestyle.

She has an amazing amount of baggage for such a seemingly young girl. And how did she get to be in the house/novel/movie at all? Living in Europe, this isn't a foreign film for me! Wonder if it's still cheaper.

But who has this blonde (Ludivine Sagnier) - who has she been? Just watch the new poltergeist and all the nightmares will vanish. The gawky, tooth-banded teenager has, in all likelihood, been in Provence all along - and in the projection of the novelist's mind - fashioned into a femme-fatale that makes the LuDIVINE we see on our screens, (and as the central protagonist of the Rampling novel, were it at hand to be read)! Never saw it, so don't know what scenes specifically, but apparently that was the cost effective way to go back then. In the end, we see that Sarah seduces the early gardener Marcel, who has become suspicious of Julie’s actions. As Sarah is getting comfortable in her spacious vacation home, she becomes confounded when an unexpected guest arrives at her abode. FAQ India outlawed exporting skeletons in 1985, so that's how the price changed from around $300 to now over 5k for a skeleton. Although I admired the character portrayal and felt the movie visually artistic and even brilliant at times, I was not emotionally invested in Sarah Morton enough nor in Julie's to care.

Her publisher John Bosload (Charles Dance) invites her to spend some summertime days in his house in a small town in France, where there is inclusive a swimming pool. And she gets into such torrid, bizarre, and ghastly gargantuan fixes - all seem too improbable. Well, if that's what you want in a movie, you might agree.

The movie stops short of a complete role-reversal, but, before Swimming Pool comes to a close, Sarah has smoked pot and casually offered her body to a handyman and Julie has put on some clothes. Archived. I think the symbolism of the murdered man is killing the man that likes the stronger personality, but cannot resist the temptation of a younger girl - just like her editor lover who cannot leave his wife but will indulge in side affairs.

Franck’s body is revealed to be in one of the sheds.

Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. It is an intriguing story, the entire atmosphere is inviting, makes you feel good and being with Sarah/Charlotte all at once. Julie begins to live with Sarah in the sun-filled vacation home. An Excellent Idea Wasted In a Very Disappointing Conclusion. You should watch it.

Swimming Pool contained good symbolism, acting, and especially great cinematography. Particularly rule 2: All comments must be civil. Also, both films are completely unpredictable. I, personally, was completely entranced from start to finish. Then all you have to do is never watch the original again. |


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