true lies (snes vs genesis)
I just uploaded the sound test to it's rather good IMHO, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the retrogaming community. The N64 had a relatively small offering but it had enough excellent titles to warrant a purchase and still remains plugged into my television’s otherwise useless composite inputs. The list goes on. "[7], GamePro commented that the Game Gear version "isn't so much an entertainment vehicle as it is a torture device", citing severe slowdown which brings the game almost to a halt whenever more than two characters are onscreen, extraneous and confusing background details, irritating and repetitive sound effects, and poor controls. The titles you mentioned are a great example of Sega’s more interesting library. Sega of Japan failed to replicate the North American success and this divide would cause problems later, contributing to their future console failures and eventual withdrawal from hardware development. Now you go where the exclusives are, or your friends. Is there a mini-game where you have to do a striptease as Jamie Lee Curtis? SNES is the clear winner here. Both consoles had great games, the Mega Drive trampled the Super NES for sports games, mainly from EA. Snes is better than Genesis. Your argument is. FIFA Soccer, PGA Golf, Alien Storm, Moonwalker, Street of Rage, Two Crude Dudes, Forgotten Worlds, Quackshot, Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion, Forgotten World. What Mathew Falvai said for the snes article was a fact. I absolutely hate the SNES controller, not because of the button layout, but because of its inexistent ergonomics. The Genesis added a ‘C’ button but lost the ‘select’ of the NES. When Microsoft started putting Xbox One games on Windows I thought that was a great way to motivate PC owners to never have to buy an Xbox. Nobody cares if you played genesis more than the snes. CPU                                  1.79 – 3.58 Mhz                           7.67 Mhz, Ram                                 128 KB                                           64 KB, Sound RAM                   64 KB                                              8 KB, Audio Chan. If I could pick just one console from this era ( and perhaps any), I’d be happy with a SNES controller in hand. "[6] A reviewer for Next Generation was also pleased with the Genesis version, remarking that the game is fun to play and true to the film it is based on. From the PS2 era on, all platforms had an even playing field of including any sound they wanted. And yet, I can't help but think that some of the Genesis games turned out better than they did on the SNES. Not sure. Both libraries are deep, but the SNES is the easy pick. The Genesis used a Yamaha FM chip that lacked the realism of samples and produced a much harsher sound in comparison. The four face buttons and shoulder buttons are the modern gaming standard and we owe it all to this grey and purple beauty. Back in this generation however, the hardware was extremely different. The Genesis could rock the house like no other, but the SNES was an impressive leap from the 8-bit era and was much more versatile . It’s not as next examples of how to translate DND into a real time action game. The sega 6 button controller didnt ship as standard for a very long time, so cannot be used as a tool to fight for the genesis in this case. His work on Streets of Rage remains a fantastic example. I'll get the ball rolling. All the Mario’s, Link to the past, Star fox, Earthbound, Super Star Wars, Pilotwings, F Zero, Contra, Kirby, Mega Man, TMNT Turtles in Time, Mortal Kombat II and III, Street Fighter II, Donkey Kong Country, the list goes way beyond that. Yes! Strange move. To carry on from the 'Better on the Genesis' thread, let's compare genres between these consoles. The SNES was able to produce actual samples, although they had to be densely compressed to fit on the relatively tiny cartridges. It isn’t incredible for its time.


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