vh regal 770
Modelyears:-Country of origin: AUS Australia. Late in the VK model run a limited edition Charger called the White Knight Special (option A50) was offered with a factory-fitted front air dam. The changes were mainly cosmetic with running gear being largely stock. [citation needed], The last special option in the CL range was the $816 Drifter package, available on the Charger. Customers had to wait up to four months for delivery of a new AP6. At over 5,000 mm (200 in), it is the longest coupe ever built in Australia. 120 were automatics and 80 were four-speeds. A new upmarket Regal version was included in the range. [citation needed] Being a three-speed gearbox, these quarter-mile runs took only one gear change. 1972 Chrysler Valiant Regal 770 Auto. [5], Chrysler Valiant VH Regal 770 Hardtop (16899312266), Chrysler VH Valiant Charger XL coupe (non standard backup lights below bumper), 1973 Chrysler VH Valiant Charger XL coupe. The automatic was standard equipment with the 318 V8, and optional with a 6-cylinder. The new plant produced its first Valiants on 31 March 1964. There’s no significant race history with these cars, so you won’t see GT-HO levels of pricing (then again who knew Kombi prices would be where they are?! 36,672 CL Valiants — including the last-ever Chargers — were built. The "Hemi" name was already legendary in America with Chrysler's use of the Hemi V8, hence Chrysler Australia's marketing leverage for its 6-cylinder offering. After seeing the thing,and how ugly it was, I jumped in my VG and got out of there quickly!! 1972 Chrysler Valiant Regal 770 Auto. Owners are generally asking $20-40k for coupes. The range of models again consisted of the Valiant standard or Regal sedan, standard or Safari Regal wagon and Wayfarer utility. The related Valiant hardtop's production continued. [citation needed] A short-wheelbase, fastback coupe with an aggressive wedge-like stance, the Charger's design gave the effect of speed, even when it was standing still. [4], The AP5 ("AP" for Australian Production[6]) was an entirely new design with only the four doors, windscreen, and front guards shared with its North American counterpart. VJ sedans also received new horizontal taillights. Prices ran from $2,500 to $3,650. It claimed a healthy 230 horses in two-barrel form (though only a little ahead of the top-line 4-barrel Hemi six at 211) and had a reputation for being pretty much indestructible. The new engine was introduced as a 245 cu in (4.0 L) unit with quasi-hemispherical combustion chambers. One of those cars you’d be very wary of over-restoring. The VH series Valiant was offered in the following models. The term six pack denoted the triple side-draught Weber 2BBL carburettors with which the 265 Hemi-6 engine – in option E37, option E38, and later option E49 – produced levels of power unheard of on a naturally aspirated six-cylinder at the time. All Rights Reserved. Due to Chrysler Australia's policy (local content law/government law) of using only locally produced components, and the unavailability of a local four-speed gearbox, the Pacer was offered with only a three-speed floor shift manual transmission. $195. Beginning in 1971, the VH series saw Chrysler Australia develop the entire lineup locally until the CM series of 1979, which marked the end of local production in 1981, after the takeover of operations by Mitsubishi Motors Australia. The Regal also copped additional chrome, two-tone paint or vinyl roof and fancy hubcaps. It was not very popular as the mid 1970s saw the trend towards smaller cars with smaller motors. The VC Series was built both for its major market, Australia, but also for export to the United Kingdom, as announced at the October 1966 London Motor Show, based on the following range of uniquely named models (brackets indicate the equivalent Australian nameplate): In total, Chrysler Australia built 65,634 VC Series models. In 1969, Chrysler's market share reached 13.7%. The sparsely trimmed interior featured high back bucket seats, and distinctive black on white instrument dials with a dash-top-mounted tachometer. Earlier cars had all-vinyl upholstery but cloth was fitted as standard later. Chrysler's TV campaign for the Charger featured the young adults at whom it was targeted, waving at one as it swept by them and shouting "Hey, Charger! VH 770 Hardtop 2dr Auto 3sp 318; $4,165* Price Guide (EGC) More Details . Lismore Area Lismore. The Regal SE was the first car to be assembled in the country with standard air conditioning. Despite a lack of exterior chrome, the VF Pacer stood out with its red and black grille, simulated-mag wheel hub caps, special body striping, 'Pacer 225' decals, and choice of "Wild Blue", "Wild Red", or "Wild Yellow" exterior colours. - List your car for FREE - Advertise your car in both Unique Cars magazine and online, - Manage unlimited online ads with TraderAds - Call us today to discuss how we can help you sell more stock, Saab Automobile was established as part of the worldwide post-war optimism that was 1945, though the origins of the company dated back to 1937+MORE, Jon reckons the combo of a healthy engine and no brakes will be character-building+MORE, By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars magazine, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs, Coventry Studios, Locally-made coupes are in big demand at the moment and we reckon one like this Valiant VG Regal 770 would sit very nicely in the shed. $395,000. VH 770 V8 Regal Sedan. Just as important in this price range is the car remains a usable classic – reliable, easy to drive and comfortable. As with all collectibles, condition is critical. Inside, new front seats were CH style, with individual chairs forming a bench shape, and a column automatic shifter was now used. Sign up to our free weekly newsletter for more unique car reviews and features plus see the latest unique and classic cars for sale. 5/71. Inertia-reel seatbelts and slightly different heater controls were introduced on the VK, as well as a combination control stalk for the lights and wipers from the Mitsubishi Galant. The CH (or "Chrysler by Chrysler", as it is commonly referred to) was a four-door luxury model intended to compete with the Ford Fairlane and Holden's Statesman models in the luxury car market in Australia.[12]. But really the big news for the brand was the launch of the Hemi six, developed locally at a reported cost of $33 million, over five years. VALIANT VH REGAL AND CHARGER 770 METRIC SPEEDO CONVERSION KIT. The Fireball 318 is also known in Chrysler-speak as a second-gen LA engine and has an incredibly long lifeline (1964-2003), seeing service in cars, trucks, boats and industrial applications. The CL's introduction had closely coincided with that of the strict exhaust emission regulations contained in ADR 27A. Also released in October 1971 was a two-door version of the CH which was called the Chrysler Hardtop, and shared the same wheelbase as the four-door Chrysler, along with the front and rear end treatment. E38 versions of the Charger R/T featured a 265 Hemi-6 which produced 280 bhp (209 kW) while the E37 was the street tune option made available on Charger 770 and Charger R/T. At launch the VH Regal was the luxury model of the range, while the Regal 770 had a more sporting leaning. 04/09/2019. In mid-1972, the E38 option was superseded by the more powerful and greatly refined four-speed transmission E49 option. The CM was released in November 1978, and was little changed bodywise from the CL model. Needs minor final assembly such as indicators. This Valiant was an all-new design introduced in October 1967, based on the North American platform, which had a 108 in (2,700 mm) wheelbase. The sporty Pacer sedan was available again, but whereas the VF Pacer was only offered with the one power output, the new VG Pacer offered 3 different versions of the new 245 Hemi-6 engine, though Chrysler Australia didn't publish any power output figures for the Pacers. E38 was a race-ready Charger R/T with the additional A84 Track Pack option, which included a 35-imperial-gallon (160 l) fuel tank. A Valiant achieved better than 30 miles per imperial gallon (9.4 L/100 km) in the Total Oil Economy Run. Even skilled driving and good engineering could not defeat Ford's legendary Falcon GTHO Phase III with its 351 cu in (5.75 L) V8. BODY 2-door coupeENGINE 5.2lt V8POWER & TORQUE 172kW @ 4400rpm, 461Nm @ 2400rpmPERFORMANCE 0-100km/h 8.5 secondsTOP SPEED 180km/h TRANSMISSION 3-speedautoSUSPENSION Front – itorsion bars, telescopic shock absorbers. The floor-shift auto option was fitted to most Regals and all Regal SE's. The roofline was also flattened out and the rear window was given a concave profile. Valiant Regal 770 (SOLD) This 1972 VH Regal has only travelled a genuine 59,930 miles since new. The 273 V8 was also improved and made available across the entire Valiant range. Another unusual option was the Fuel Pacer option from the Chrysler US parts bin which detected low engine vacuum – as under hard acceleration – and illuminated the driver side guardtop blinker repeater to indicate wasteful driving. New Zealand distributor Todd Motors had assembled the Valiant sedan from CKD kits since the AP5, mostly following the Australian range though with fewer variants and engine choices plus local upholstery. There was a revised radiator grille and new exterior trim. The CL series Regal was marketed as the Chrysler Regal,[18] in contrast to the Valiant Regal name used from the AP5 series[19] through to the recently superseded VK Series.


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