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Lloyd was currently in the guise of Starrk. He simply looked down somewhat shamefully, "I had my suspicions. What is that?' More staff's are welcome =), English - Staff: 9 - Followers: 124 - Since: 04-16-08 - Founder: Five Lifetimes One Love. And not only of his mind-scape. Mila Rose asked curiously. Is there a particular reason you want me to do it?". Karin glared at her, "What's with the sudden shift in attitude?".



She doesn't seem to like the idea of unfusing. You're a lot like Ichigo.

More ... the white haired captain couldn't find a single trace of anyone other than himself and his lieutenant. "Hiyori, stop…" Shinji tried to prevent a scene. Sosuke Aizen was indeed a traitor.". "We can put hollow masks on…" Kensei answered bluntly causing several of the younger captains to stare at them shocked. Ichigo looked at the survivors, "Who's Bazz B?". ", Szayel's typical attitude was now one of hatred and anger, "Damn it!

Next chapter will be much more exciting…it'll probably focus on the hollows mostly as well as Yuzu's training with Candice. This caused a tremendous wind of spiritual energy to blow away Barragan's miasmic cloud of decay. Yhwach cannot predict him with his A - The Almighty power. Is she really a sternritter now?

While he detested the idea of wanting help in this situation, even he realized the danger he was now in. ", Urahara answered much to his relief, "Well, considering how rare Vasto Lordes are, I wouldn't imagine him having many arrancars stronger than captain level on his side. It engulfed the skies in red as it got closer towards Hueco Mundo. The Vandenreich are clearly underestimating Shirou and his forces, if Quilge and Giselle's contemptuous and dismissive behavior towards, Giselle recalls Yhwach speculating about the Vasto of White.

That powerful hollow, White, looks exactly like Ichigo…because it is Ichigo.

Tousen thought for a moment, 'White…isn't that the name of the experimental hollow? She had Sung Sun's cheek markings on both cheeks and Apacci's trademark red eye shadow. White is monstrously powerful…is there anything you can tell us about that hollow, Urahara? We've been following him the longest…but now it's like we're not even allowed near him.

Nnoitra looked up with relief and astonishment as Barragan's singularity axe forced Mask to get pulled towards it. And what's Karakura Town?" Gillians aren't that strong compared to a captain.".

Kenpachi quickly broke free as he sliced through Ichigo's hand and backed off. White (ホワイト, Howaito) is an experimental Hollow used by Sōsuke Aizen many years prior to his defection from Soul Society. What do you want us to do?" I figured it was best to let him come to terms with it himself," Urahara replied.

"You stand before Yhwach-sama, the one true god-emperor of the universe and his holy elite sternritters. Sinking his legs into the sand he pulled back with all of his strength. You'll killed if they find you there! When Aizen tries to recruit Shirou, he is dumbfounded by the latter's lack of desire for more power. Yhwach and the Vandenreich to arrive early. His vision eventually adapted to the dark outlines of the darkness…and it appeared as if he were in some sort of forest. Due to all the disruptions, Ichigo doesn't have any opportunity to train to achieve Bankai. Thankfully Jushiro's Shikai was active or we'd have both been toast.". Also good news guys…I will be including the fullbringers in the story soon. Nobody answered much to his disappointment which led to a very awkward, foreboding silence. Right before the Garganta snapped shut, Ichigo spoke darkly, "White…", XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Back in Hueco Mundo XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Ichigo passed back through the Garganta and soon found himself back inside the dark forest from before.

', Trailing in the back with Aizen now, Gin glanced at the man curiously, "Aizen-sama, have you seen Kaname anywhere?

"Ichigo isn't just any hollow…he's become the same hollow that attacked Masaki over two decades ago," Isshin said in a depressed, but serious way. "With pleasure!"

In particular, Soifon, Hitsugaya, Komamura, Byakuya, and Kenpachi were all displeased by Yamamoto's lack of faith. A lot of things happened this chapter…the Visoreds got reinstated into the Soul Society. Before Giselle could answer the question, a storm of reishi bullets littered the area as BG9 and Szayel arrived.

Hmm…perhaps I should delay my plans of betrayal until he fully evolves. "I don't know…but I have a guy looking into it. We're one?'. The Visoreds all tensed up upon being mentioned and stared at the old man seriously as they wondered what he had in mind for them.

Damn it! Ichigo finds himself eaten by a hollow shortly after death and awakens within the desolate realm of Hueco Mundo as a Gillian.

Wonderweiss' release form was something interesting to behold. "I'm an espada!

Ichigo called out her name ignoring everyone else present. Doesn't he despise Shinigami?"

Haschwalth is watching his chamber…".

Liltotto crossed her arms as she leaned against the wall, "Hopefully you never have to…it's less than pretty.". Barragan stared blankly as Gremmy grew wings and developed into an angelic form similar to his creations. She cautiously bolted down the massive hallway like entrance of Las Noches and dove behind corners trying to find a good place to watch enemy activity. He was wearing Harribel's guise. "So what?

She stared at Harribel curiously and saw a three engraved into the back of the arrancar's hands.

Both Quincies looked up surprised to see somebody they were not expecting. Isshin nodded, "Yes…where have you been all this time, anyway?". The Shinigami captain easily avoided the shots as he distanced himself. The blonde looked around the room curiously. ", Kensei sighed, "I was her captain in Squad Nine…the name's Kensei Muguruma. "It is my desire to purge the Shinigami and the Soul King. Your review has been posted.

What if Rukia had never shown up and given Ichigo Shinigami powers? "O-okay…thanks again, Bazz B," Yuzu waved before skittishly making her way back inside of the ice palace. I'm…sorry, Ichigo. I am a divine angel! How did you survive against White?" Isshin turned his gaze back onto Ryuken seriously, "Try and find out what happened to Yuzu…I'm counting on you. As for some of the others, I'm sure you'll figure it all out eventually. Suddenly a brief memory of the orange haired human dying to a lesser hollow flashed through his mind. If I had to guess, that power must have come from Yuzu Kurosaki.

Barragan ordered us to hold this line and guard the wounded to the rear. They had spent the majority of the past day training until she could no longer go on.

Before anyone else could add their two cents to the conversation, Yamamoto growled loudly, "All this talk of blame is getting us nowhere! I haven't heard that name in millennia.

Don't trust her," Bazz B warned. Bearing in mind that it could be anything IchiRuki: platonic, romantic, barely there and everything else in between. I didn't know all that stuff about you. his fragmented mind thought randomly. ', Kenpachi seemed surprised, "You're fast…I'll give you that. [6] When Isshin tried to lure it out by exerting large amounts of Reiatsu, White attacked two nearby Shinigami before confronting Isshin.[7].

She's hard to understand. "You're not escaping on my watch!" He will even rise from his "death" to protect this important girl in his life; She loves him so deeply, that she will even love him in her next lives; Ichigo and Orihime - two people who are meant to be together.

The scarred lieutenant voiced his opinion, "Captain Muguruma?!

Before the finishing move could land, Nnoitra pounced on Mask from behind again impaling him with two scythes. This one was twice as large as the one he had done previously. Ichigo ends up joining Shirou's army during the assault on Fake Karakura Town due to his mother also being part of it, only to find out that his sister, Karin, took his place as a substitute Shinigami.

Gin Ichimaru's Zanpakuto, Shinso, psychically reaches out to Shirou without Gin's knowledge and asks him to aid its master. Nnoitra roared at Tesra as he held the Sternritter, "Kill him Tesra!".

What the hell is that?!". ", Pure instinct seemed to take over as Ichigo charged a massive red beam in his mouth. The former is a purely defensive ability and the other offensive," Bazz B explained. Had I realized sooner…had I done something to stop this…" Isshin apologized sadly. The Sun That Locks Heaven...The Moon That Eclipses The Night... As of the battle of Fake Karakura Town, only Yamamoto himself can fight him evenly. The Elite Sternritter seemed shocked, "Where is Yhwach?! The ceiling is white. Szayel hissed. He slowly encroached as Gremmy attempted to force him back with a giant reishi barrier.

Kenpachi Zaraki broke into an approving grin at her response, 'Now that's the Yachiru I like to see…', Rukia stared at Unohana, 'What's going on with the older captains?

The teen shook her head disbelievingly, 'How could Ichigo do something like that?

I thought it was dead. Quality Bleach Fanfiction that feature decent vocabulary, grammar and a well thought out plot. "What's your name…you look the most like Apacci, but I don't know if it's truly appropriate to call you that," Ichigo asked.

Even the Shinigami won't leave him alone.". Countless things materialized into existence and rotted away into dust as Barragan was slowly winning the battle of attrition. Her mask fragment bore resemblance to all five of the girls that created her with apacci's horn, new antlers, Sung-sun and Mila Rose's mask shape, and a covered eye fragment similar to Loly and Menoly.
I'll restrain if further!".

Both of them had looks of intensity directed his way. With his pistol still charging, Robert grimaced in annoyance, "Why haven't you men killed this damn thing yet?! Ikkaku shouted horrified. The former primera landed behind him next to the others along with the entourage they arrived with. Liltotto on the other hand, is the only halfway decent Sternritter in their gang.

"You're clearly tired, mistress. The Stealth Force leader made considerable progress in short time as she closed in on the outer wall of the palace. PM to become part of the staff or to suggest fics.

I'll spare you then, White Gillian.

Moving further along, Soifon traversed deeper and deeper into Las Noches.

He pinned Bambietta down as activated his iron skin.

The fact that they responded at all is also a big sign of how much a threat Shirou is considered as the Royal Guard are noted to be.
He's training her in the art of being a Quincy.".

It was almost metallic looking as it had sleeved plates covering his limbs and back. ", The Gillian stared at him indifferently, but Ichigo couldn't help but feel the idea was distasteful. The blonde rubbed her forearm annoyed, "For now I guess…".

Are you mocking my beautiful headpiece?". Bambietta could only watch with horror as Giselle now wrapped an arm around Yuzu's shoulder. Kenpachi simply chuckled, "You came late…we killed almost all of them.".


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