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A one-stop shop for all things video games. The last words they exchange in the show is a mom-kid argument that never gets resolved, which also plays right into Katara’s abandonment issues. They had been searching for him for a hundred years, and Zuko was tasked with capturing and delivering Aang to his father in order to be accepted back into his good graces. - this subplot seems more interested in trying to tell us that she’s not going to get together with Zuko. The Ember Island Players may be performing Fire Nation propaganda, but its intentions are more in favor of Team Avatar. ), Katara seems to be all but forgotten in the Kataang…build up, for lack of a better term. Wherever the Avatar went, Puan Tin wasn't far behind. On My Way to Steal Yo…Seat: Ember Island Players & Zutara Shipbaiting (Or: The best time for a Zutara Rant™ is all the time.) Before we dive in, let’s take a step back and establish our priorities here. In the episode, the titular acting troupe put on a fairly accurate rendition of Team Avatar's major adventures in its play, The Boy in the Iceberg. A role that, up until then, had been Katara’s alone. Aang: (Cut back to Aang) Then when you (points at Katara) figure out a way for me (brings his hands back to his chest) to beat the Fire Lord without (makes a “no” gesture with his arm) taking his life, I love to hear it! Pictured: Artist’s reconstruction of Zutara fan fic c. December 1, 2006.

(And encouraged by the show’s promotion - but that’s another story.)

For Team Avatar, the play is a highlight of their best and worst moments, much to their chagrin. This ^^^addresses one of my biggest issues with Kataang. They did not have a reputation for quality acting, but they took themselves seriously and almost always packed the house. His sources include singing nomads, pirates, prisoners of war and a surprisingly knowledgeable merchant of cabbage.” Counterintuitive to propaganda research, the playwright travelled the world, interviewing an array of people who interacted with the Avatar instead of pulling from a single or fabricated source. Haha, it’s good for us all to laugh at ourselves sometimes. For the purposes of this post, we will take as granted that Kataang was the intended endgame pairing from the beginning, and romantic Zutara was never intended at all, and look at how the showrunners went about handling that.

As mentioned earlier, promotional material for the show did outright encourage the idea of the love triangle, even though the show itself hadn’t before. She absolutely has agency in that relationship.

It was a bombshell reveal when Aang unmasked Zuko as the Blue Spirit in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and despite the Fire Nation prince being his enemy at the time, Aang never told anyone Zuko's secret. That’s begging for a joke or two, isn’t it? This is the first and last time we ever see Katara address the possibility of her romantic feelings for Aang, until they kiss in the final seconds of the very last episode, her confusion apparently resolved off-screen. They got the latter part right, but it was Zhao who captured him. Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Painted Lady Is Not a Traditional Spirit, And for Zuko, it is a final reminder to solidify his self-worth, Avatar: The Most Overlooked Bending Art Is Actually The Most Powerful, How Avatar: The Last Airbender Was Almost COMPLETELY Different, My Hero Academia: 5 Strange Secrets About Bakugo’s Explosion Quirk, Bleach: How Szayelaporro Grantz Tried to Become Perfect, And Failed, Boruto's New Rasengan Is Way More Powerful Than Expected, How Netflix's Blood of Zeus Gets the King of the Gods So HORRIBLY Wrong, Adachi & Shimamura: A Weekend Adventure Includes a Surprising Third Wheel, Talentless Nana: A New Threat Emerges as Nana Becomes the Class Leader, Batman: Three Jokers #3 Delivers a Bloody Conclusion With Intriguing Teases, Black Widow: Widow's Sting #1 Is a Lightweight Standalone Tale, X of Swords: Stasis #1 Is a Long-Winded Interlude, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Delivers a Fresh Instant Classic, Dune: House Atreides #1 Brings Readers to an Early Vision of Arrakis, Crossover #1 Transcends Its Premise With a Meditation on Superhero Events, Boruto's Biggest Pet Peeve Is Actually Making Sasuke a Stronger Ninja, Sneeze: Naoki Urasawa Story Collection Reveals a Master's Odds and Ends, My Hero Academia: 5 Strange Secrets About the All for One Quirk, Strike Witches: What You Need To Know Before Watching Season 3. The Ember Island Players empathize with Team Avatar; it shares our fandoms and ships; it compels the team to reflect because of its performance. Deca-Dence: Should Fans Expect a Season 2? Actress!Katara declares the Avatar to be like a little brother, professes her attraction to actor!Zuko, and the two embrace. So what do we do instead? Capture!fic was very much a thing. Fair enough. The first is that subsequent moments in the episode where the characters comment on the play involve both Katara and Zuko interacting with each other, and Zuko and Aang interacting with each other, making it most effective for Zuko to be seated between Katara and Aang for blocking purposes. for the talent on this show Katara: (Cut back to Katara who is visibly annoyed) We’re trying to help. With his Joker-like makeup and sinister evil laugh, the Fire Lord actor makes his egomaniacal motives for world domination clear. Related: Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Painted Lady Is Not a Traditional Spirit. surprisingly ) terrible job of it. It still reflects poor judgement and priorities, because egging on drama among your fans shouldn’t be more important than developing the narrative you’re actually trying to tell. The play dredges up Aang and Katara's anxieties about their relationship, but the play's ending nudges the two to prioritize winning the war over romance. Share.

When Aang tries to kiss her again, she’s upset by it and storms away. What’s bizarre about it is…they didn’t actually have to do any of that? The only reason the audience would cheer him on is because Ozai is their emperor. Rather than a throwaway gag, the seating shenanigans and dramatic weight given to Aang’s insecurities make the on-stage Zutara romance a central feature of the episode. The Ember Island Players (Zutara) 4.3K 42 3. by JessicaDom.

atla, katara, zuko. So, yeah - if they were trying to make Kataang a “shocker”, it truly was, because it had no build-up in the last couple of episodes, and honestly the most romantically coded Kataang moment, was all the way back at the 3.02 dance party. They kind of start along that path, but they never finish it. All of this explains why Aang never gave up Zuko's secret. Rent-A-Girlfriend Is the Most Refreshing Harem Series Yet, Avatar: The Ember Island Players Are the TRUE Heroes, Aang Is Avatar: The Last Airbender's Luke Skywalker, Avatar: Katara and the Pirate’s Silver Is Exactly What the Comics Need. So before the parody play even starts, we get the moment in the gif above, a joke which is painfully dragged out by Aang shyly pointing out that he wanted to sit next to Katara, and Zuko’s utter obliviousness as to why. This isn’t a heat of the moment, one-sided pre-battle kiss that will be ignored later because of more pressing concerns. And make no mistake, the episode is very concerned with this question. When Katara goes to find Aang, he confronts her about what her actress counterpart said, and we finally, after fifty-six episodes, get a scene where Aang and Katara directly talk about their relationship. I would chalk it up to bad writing and character development, but that’s not how they’ve treated Katara (or really, any of their female characters) in the past. But despite Zuko's charge, he was never fully committed to the idea of taking down the Avatar. I’m not saying Zuko and Katara had  to get together in the finale (out loud). Related: Avatar: The Last Airbender Timeline Explained (Including Legend of Korra). A one-stop shop for all things video games. Then again, there is a little part of me wondering how much of it was calculated. After playing coy about Katara’s feelings for nearly three full seasons, they must have been dying to get to this moment. The ways in which the creators of AtLA did the fans dirty on this one could be an entire discussion unto itself, but right now I want to focus on a particular episode, which I think suggests that, when it came to the show’s romantic relationships, the showrunners’ priorities were not where they should have been. This isn’t a shy kiss-or-die scenario. Aang never harbored any animosity towards Zuko even when the prince was chasing after him; a huge part of that delves from Aang's upbringing with the Air Nomads. I definitely feel that EIP fits into the Bryke-school of writing romance, where they try to make it a “plot-twist” that comes out of nowhere, rather than develop it properly and have it make sense (because that’s difficult). In terms of acting, the actors and actresses hyperbolize a recognizable trait in each team member but still show them in a positive light.

And with the end of the Hundred Year War, hopefully, the players can put on the true ending they deserve by building empathy between people of all nations like it truly intended. Aang relents, and sits on the other side of Zuko. In fact, arguably this scene is a better casual dismissal of Zutara than it is a setup of the last-minute Kataang endgame. That made them enemies.

I’m not going to use this post to make claims about secret Zutara subtext, or even argue the merits of Zutara as a ship, really. If the Zuko/Katara/Aang triangle is just a product of silly fans and doesn’t actually exist in the show, then there’s no need to make such a big deal of it.

Aang, however, is not laughing.

The Boy in the Iceberg was actually written by Puan Tin, an Earth Kingdom playwright. Someone must be following his career with great interest... All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Vivian S. is an anime/manga writer for Valnet, Inc on CBR, which is perfect for her because she's been watching anime and reading manga for as long as she can remember. Related: Aang Is Avatar: The Last Airbender's Luke Skywalker. He joined the team as a freelancer back in 2016 and somehow managed to fail upwards. It’s hard to believe that fan reactions wouldn’t have been considered when writing such a metatextual episode that engaged with the fandom so directly, but I do hate to assign malice as a motive where incompetence is a suitable explanation, so let’s assume that if this was the case, Bryke thought it was all in good fun. The other reason is that this moment of making a fuss over seating arrangements sets up early on what is actually going to be a significant theme addressed in the episode - the question of whether Zuko is going to figuratively come between Aang and Katara the way he literally does here. As for just why the play would be more comedic than serious and avoid adopting the tone of Avatar: The Last Airbender in key areas, one practical explanation is that Puan Tin is a foreign writer with Fire Nation sponsorship; he wouldn't exactly want to bite the hand that feeds him. If it was never going to happen, it wasn’t something that needed to be addressed. The Ember Island Players may be performing Fire Nation propaganda, but its intentions are more in favor of Team Avatar. Since they’ve all left the theater and come back, Zuko doesn’t need to be sitting next to Katara at this point. She puts her English degree to work by over-analyzing themes and literary devices in everything she watches or reads. Related: Avatar Theory: Did a Korra Villain Cause Last Airbender's Greatest Tragedy? This means he spoke to many of the same people with whom Team Avatar interacted.

And the trouble all starts with one little comedic moment. The Ember Island Players were all professionals, however their pay was relatively low. Within the world of the show, nobody had ever raised the possibility of Zuko and Katara being romantically involved prior to this episode. In her spare time, she loves to listen to audiobooks and write creative short stories featuring Asian leads so more people like her can feel represented. Aang and Katara don’t interact much during the play.


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