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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Merlin acted as the driving force for Uther Pendragon, and his later son, Arthur Pendragon’s actions such as wielding the sword of prophecy Caliburn and the sword of selection, Excalibur. While shocked by this, he was at the same time wrapped in joy. Since she rules by terror, leadership ability is improved but troops' morale is extremely low. There are those who can use the black mud as part of their own power thanks to the properties of its contamination and those whose powerful egos have stayed back its mental pollution.
Fate Merlin Cosplay accessories & props. Arthur hated his sister Morgan. Riding: - Legend Based On:Merlin from the Arthurian Legends. Fighting Style: Merlin keeps a balance between the two, able to cast Illusions disguised as magical attacks, and is very skilled in both. Merlin is an incredible magus (Grand Caster rank) though he does sometimes stumble on his incantations thus he occasionally decides just to fight with a sword. Even if the space that he has been permitted with is nothing but a jail of mere 10 meters in all directions, and the scenery given to him is only an isolated emptiness found far away in the skies, it continues to exist as an utopia. Playing with them, I mean.”. Tags. Aya Endo He was a part of King Arthur’s life since she was born and also prophesied about her. Morgan is a powerful witch queen said to be the equal of Merlin and a ruler with immense power. He is attractive. She told Mordred to never remove her helmet and recommended her to the Round Table. [2], She eventually enchanted Artoria, a pseudo-male at the time due to Merlin's intervention to produce an heir, and extracted sperm from Artoria to develop as a homunculus clone within her ovary. Yet, he still boasts of his genuinely great magus capabilities. [1] She was a fairy of the lake and the evil polar opposite of Vivian, the Lady of the Lake. -Weaknesses: Merlin is squishy, despite having much vitality, and can easily be beaten through physical combat and cannot keep up in long fights. FemMerlinxArthur.
-Dreamlike Charisma A-Increases all surrounding allies and her own attack for a short while. Despite his interest in humans, he never comes as far as to befriend, forever feeling somewhat alien amongst them because of being half incubus. King Arthur(アーサー王, Āsā-Ō? Because they are in that state, fine control is not possible, but in exchange, their destructive power increases. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Not once did I despise you. Kay believes she may have had similar burdening circumstances as Artoria due to their parentage. [7] She was the legitimate owner of the British Isle, a greater "King of the Island" than her sister. She seemingly wore a black dress that exposes her navel and abdomen, Morgan greatly hates her sister and possesses a great obsession for Mordred to take the throne from her. Other than that, none. Arthur Pendragon - The male version of King Arthur. He only wanted to be called "son" by the King. Weapon(s): Various magical spells channeled from her staff, as well as what looks to be the holy sword Excalibur, or at least a recreation of it. Franchise: I don’t do well with formalities.”, “Oh, the road ahead seems long.

Constant self-control is required to maintain Saber's reason while blackened. This description will be of his male appearance. Once Camelot was built, she went into seclusion. Magic Resistance: B I want you to rely on me. This is called "blackening". But you can just call me Merlin. Not having the slightest feelings of rebellion on him, he was spurred on by Morgan who told him the truth of his birth. グレイの故郷に伝えられてきた、短剣の力タチの魔術礼装。 She sent Agravain as an assassin. Especially concerning love, you are always welcome to receive my consultation.”, “Things I like? Feeling shame at his twisted birth, he was unconsciously jealous of normal people and due to the special innocence that children have, worshiped King Arthur, the "perfect king".

Fate [2] Mordred mentions in Fate/Apocrypha that Semiramis, an evil schemer, possesses the same "smell" as Morgan. His Noble Phantasm is the Anti-Unit Garden of Avalon: The Forever-Sealed Utopia which grants HP recovery for the party for 5 turns and charges the NP gauge by 5% for 5 turns in Fate/Grand Order. Though she was raised by the king’s vassal Sir Ector, Merlin also still played a part in her life. It is also adorned with a flower. As you see before you, everything is gone. He was given his sword despite his unknown origins because of his abilities and his straightforward mental chivalry. 159.84 USD. LCK: C He is 178 cm and weighs 67 kg. 加工される以前の正体は、ロゴスリアクト・レプリカ。かのアトラス院の七大兵器から引き継いだ超演算機能こそが、内側の最果てにて輝ける槍を封印しつづけている。限定解除の鎌はもちろん、ハンマーや盾や鉤槍、果てはブーメランにまで変形するのも、この演算機能の応用によって、ロンゴミニアドの能力の一部を表出させたものだ。『アトラスの契約』で顕現した騎士も理論的には同様。その性格は過去の騎士と現在のアッドが複雑にまじりあった、厳密にはどちらでもないものだったが、だからこそ最後の疑似宝具を展開できたのだろう。 Defeated in single combat, Mordred collapsed while still impaled by a spear. He also has the ability Clairvoyance. Uther Pendragon Having started with the "innocence of a fairy", she became "as magnificent as a warrior maiden", and "then suddenly possessed the brutality of a witch." MGI: A++ Fate Merlin Cosplay wigs.

She directed Mordred to hide her status and obey the King until she could defeat Artoria and take her place. Morgan Le Fay's old weapon Erosion becomes a central point for the plot of Vol. It's a boisterous yet wonderful night, isn't it? Just as the fairies of the lake (Vivienne and Morgan) manifest as both good and evil, the holy sword has its own dark side. The blade itself possesses the ability to separate the mind and soul from the flesh.


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