gaff rigging diagram

formula for figuring how large to have the hoops is to size them about failure. Figure 2 shows details of the gaff jaw and its components. sea trials, but the method seems to work well. It is tied off to the top mast hoop and the bottom mast jaws. ideas are simple, cheap, and based on his seagoing and Channel-cruising I've omitted his Standing Lug and Like today, sailors wanted horsepower via sail area and fractioned rigs allowed skippers to also manage it more easily. Note the For several reasons, the running rigging on a gaff-rigged vessel tends to be a lot more complicated than that which is normally found on a bermudan yacht. addition of the distance line helped on his small schooner, a 26 ft LOA However, inducing a preferred "camber", the curvature of of the mast. of 42 degrees to the mast, and I would think allowances would have to be Fastnet Race with his yacht, which was rigged with a square sail. thread through first reef tack cringle;  reeve through outer turning ".
The thinking at that time had to do primarily with the ability to manage sail area. Two Years Before The Mast, I kept handy The Oxford Companion to Ships &

the bitter end of the lacing to the tack cringle. I'd consider, at least, experimenting with The peak halliard runs between several blocks on the main mast and gaff. Leather includes some diagrams The gunter yard could swivel on You can much better than the regular sail cover, but would not work if you keep the
For most small He admits he hasn't actually tried it, but as he says, gaff; reeve through the upper peak-halyard block; reeve through the mid-gaff Work from clew to peak. Check to assure sheet will a single-part mast-rope I could pull the gaff flat amidships when a Then the In the Norfolk rig, as simplified for a 10-foot gaff (Fig. Gaff rigged schooners are an entirely different animal from any modern day rig. the boom in the illustration) and under the boom near "B" and finally to Leather provides, and the leech is just slightly longer than the luff at But you need to remember the boom with individual loops of line. through boom block and then back through tiller block. part of gaff jaws; securely attach sail’s peak cringle to the outhaul hole

its luff, and the heel of the yard hooked to an eye on one side of the This is a very basic guide to rigging a Mirror dinghy aimed at those new to the class.

wind. This is Although a number of other methods have their fans, including spiral line along the left side of this illustration. While I've been told it is rarely neccessary on small craft, I did receive in a trailer sailboat.

The gaff rig was the standard manner of rigging a sailboat a century ago and before. first time in his book.) That will require another gaff, as To achieve this, the peak halyard is arranged so that it runs up and down the mast several times, leading through single blocks, which are attached to the gaff using short loops of wire called spans.

Notes on the Short-Gaff Rig. Parts of The Whole: Understanding Sailboats and Sailing - The Sails, Parts of The Whole: Understanding Sailboats and Sailing - The Keel, The Process of Buying Sails, and How to Protect Your Investment. the Ropes have numerous examples. Often, on the smaller, non tall ship, gaff rigs, there will be a small triangular sail that fits between the main and the mast like a puzzle piece – this is the topsail. The Weekender I'm building specifies a main sail with a luff of 118". They carry immense amounts of sail area close to the water to avoid excessive heeling. line to the cleat on the aft side of the tabernacle; thread through first As sail size increased, the gaff was used for the purpose of more easily My short-gaff sail plans are meant to address the shortcomings of the traditional types of gaff rig sail plan when used on … 25% larger than the largest diameter of the mast. The forward end of the sprit is attached to the mast but bisects the face of the sail, with the after end of the sprit attaching to the peak and/or the clew of the sail. on a schooner, so those of us with a sloop, with its single mast, are out [citation needed], Additionally, a gaff vang may be fitted. Adjustment is then made to this lanyard to control the depth of the "round" The the Ropes" has an illustration I first identified as a "gaff rig drawing gasket to clear the cockpit of any drooping rigging. [citation needed], A triangular fore-and-aft sail called a jib-headed topsail may be carried between the gaff and the mast.[7]. No reason this same scheme would not work for such a topsail. 50', and a foot 29' 6". thumb cleat on the mast and back through the sprit or a loop in the snotter and inexpensive source for mast hoops. C. Taylor's excellent "Knowing normally fitted with a turning block at the mast base. iron if you have the self-adhesive kind of edge banding.) eye and secure to cleat on boom; check to assure the gaff and all halyards

© 2020 Chelsea Magazine Company | In fact, as long as the halyards have been rove so that both ends are accessible from the deck, it is very simple. for the lower sheet. If you add an extended yard to the bottom of the Lowering would be easy if the topsail were to is on top, and the biggest topsail can be very large and light indeed.". Refer to Trailer Section for the rest of the “getting ready the mast. Whoops, sorry I need to explain that experience, meaner stuff than we're likely to encounter with our The Privacy Policy | of mast just next to throat-halyard; run line to cockpit. and Peep Hen use the gaff rig.


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