honda s660 engine swap

Additions such as the replacement of the lower block with a steel unit and reinforced connecting rods gave the unit the rigidity it would need to withstand the record run...”. K-cars don't really work in the American land scape but in Japan where the average speed limits range from 18-45mph and there are plenty of one lane roads they thrive. The Honda Beat adds a little sport while taking advantage of tax breaks. Most Kei cars are small vans, pickup tracks, and passenger cars that remind me of a 5/8 scale 1986 civic hatchback. Very different. It reminds me of driving a Chevy. [9] The author concluded that the car was "supremely maneuverable" but lacked power, something he hoped an export model with a larger motor would amend, and felt that such an export model might be a potential Mazda MX-5 competitor. | Replacing S660's stock fuel press. The S660 is about on par with an Elise. It is the successor to the Honda Beat (segment-wise), and the Honda S2000 (nomenclature-wise, as it also belongs to Honda's family of "S" models). You can race through the gears and not look like a hooligan. The development team of the S660 was led by Ryo Mukumoto, who beat out 400 other participants in Honda's in-house competition at the age of 22. The S660’s styling fully fits into Honda’s current DNA but, we admit, it’s extreme. I got stupid and sold it with 145,000 miles on it. In addition to practical people-movers plus small trucks and vans, Japanese manufacturers have also offered high-tech niceties like all-wheel drive, forced induction and cutting-edge styling. The Honda S660 is a two-seat kei sports car manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda. Currently, that means a max engine displacement of 660cc along with a cap of 47 kilowatts—about 63 horsepower. Despite the penalties to be paid, we still want one, even though we realize that it doesn’t make a ton of sense. Despite the limits, not all kei cars have been all boring. (We’re being polite here as our post-drive notes contains the following statement: “horrible rear visibility.”) As we learned, having a spotter when backing into a parking spot is reassuring. Details here: This 1965 Honda S600 roadster is sold without an engine, a few missing but unspecified parts, a partially stripped and otherwise worn out interior, but what appears to be a solid, straight, and largely complete body. NO FUN!! We had been watching the S660 online for years and have wanted one–badly. Doing so, at least at idle, fills the cabin with the sound of the sewing machine of an engine working diligently. The article didn't answer the most important car review question: what are the chassis dynamics like? Please tell me there is a better angle. The engine’s 172 horsepower and 76 lb-ft of torque will be a lot of fun in a vehicle that weighs 715 kg (1,576 lb). One small bit of reality: The S660 isn’t available stateside and, from what we hear, it’s not heading here. The S660 is a very lightweight mid-engined roadster.

Last year Honda released a turbocharged three-cylinder baby basket called the S660 in Japan. The proportions are spot on, but it’s a small car. I'm just going to assume I won't fit so I don't pine over something I can't have for another 23 years. Yes I had a X-19. If the S2000 and MX-5 transmissions are our benchmarks for excellence, then the S660 is right there with them. I bought mine new and still feel it's worth every penny. Kei cars are easily spotted due to their black-on-yellow license plates—well, and their diminutive size. The Beat received a traditional convertible top. Of course you got a better time if you stomped the brake pedal to start turn-in. Without any instructions, we found it fairly easy to undo, roll up, and remove. Cup holder? | Never miss an article. Honda made him the youngest lead engineer in the company's history in spite of his lack of engineering experience, and he was given 5 years to develop the S660. Its dimensions, due to kei car size restrictions, are nearly identical to the 1990s Honda Beat.

Seats felt comfortable once in them. Basically, exactly like the Toyota Camry on the showroom. Kei cars offer more than decreased running costs and easier parking as owners also receive tax and insurance breaks. It just sits 99% of the time. Each fall the Lane Museum hosts the Rally for the Lane. Like the del Sol, another Honda darling of years past, the window can be dropped at the touch of a button. © 2020 Motorsport Marketing. | Posted in The pedals and shifter are right where you want them. It looks different. But you could drive an entire solo II course with the right pedal mashed & almost no use of the brakes either. Limits were placed on size, heft and engine output, with the originals limited to just 150cc of engine displacement. Behold the Honda S-Dream Streamliner, which is pretty much a really sharp pencil powered by the S660's 660cc engine. Like it’s so extreme that we should spell it Xtreme. It got a lot of jokes and soon lots of rust. In fact I was doing some curve bashing in it already this morning. The prototype S660 was photographed by car enthusiasts at a wintertime car event in early 2015 and published in the Japanese car enthusiast magazine Mag-X, and subsequently republished in the US car blog The Truth About Cars. Last year Honda released a turbocharged three-cylinder baby basket called the S660 in Japan. For something so small and with such a short wheelbase, it rode better than expected. The S660 weighs approximately 830 kg with the manual transmission[1] and 850 kg with the CVT, and is claimed to have a front/rear weight balance of 45/55.[1]. Thanks to its generous doors and low sills, you can pretty much fall into a Porsche 911—ditto the latest Subaru WRX.

Also, with the lack of storage in an MR2 Spyder, I'd prefer a Miata. I want a Beat right at the moment. My Insight also does 0-60 in something like 10 seconds. It’s lively. Once in the driver seat, though, the S660 has an S2000-like vibe.

It promises everything wished for by today’s car-driving, internet-surfing enthusiast: mid-engine layout, turbocharged power, open-air motoring and small footprint. I know that it's stupid to compare new vs used, but with the lack of storage, I'd prefer to go with an MR2 Spyder. Also, replacing the fuel pump with the large capacity pump (1.8 times of the stock pump) enables the fuel supply to be more stable for a better safety condition. It's a fund-raiser where participants take the museum's cars on a rally. Also like the Beat, the S660 is built to meet Japan’s kei car specs. Regardless, 261.875 MPH over the course of a mile with 660ccs is pretty mind-blowing. I truly loved mine! The chassis didn't feel choppy. regulator inside the tank to provide constant fuel press. A pizza delivery guy bought it and it had 225,000 miles on it when he sold it.


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