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This committee was: Umar asked that, after his death, the committee reach a final decision within three days, and the next caliph should take the oath of office on the fourth day. He established a system of landed fiefs and distributed many of the provincial governorships to members of his family. On hearing of the revolt in Egypt, Abdullah hastened back, but Uthman was not in a position to offer him any military assistance, and so Abdullah was unable to suppress the revolt.[64]. [66] According to Sunni sources, unlike his predecessor, Umar, who maintained discipline with a stern hand, Uthman was less rigorous, focusing more on economic prosperity. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. He died while keeping the fast, and true to his dream he broke the fast in the company of the Holy Prophet that evening. The first two caliphs, or ‘successors’, to the Prophet Muhammad, who left no male heir when he died in his early sixties in 632, were Abu Bakr and Umar, who presided over the campaigns which carried Islam outside Arabia into Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt and North Africa. That text became the model from which copies were made and promulgated throughout the urban centers of the Muslim world, and other versions are believed to have been destroyed. [103] This not only resulted in settling the internal conflicts in those settlements, but also further expanded Rashidun territory to as far west as southern Iberia[104] and as far east as Sindh, Pakistan. When Abu Bakr was selected as the caliph, Uthman was the first person after Umar to offer his allegiance. [67] With the departure of the pilgrims from Medina to Mecca, the rebel position was strengthened further, and as a consequence the crisis deepened. The exact date is disputed: both 576 and 583 are indicated. [86], Unlike his predecessor Umar, Uthman was not a skilled orator, having grown tongue-tied during his first address as caliph. [14], It was asked of Uthman why he did not drink wine during the Age of Ignorance, when there was no objection to this practice (before the revelation of Islam). 1556332. [90][91] Ibn Saad's conquest of the southeast coast of Spain, his stunning victory at the Battle of the Masts in Lycia, and expansion to other coasts of the Mediterranean Sea are generally overlooked. Discontent mounted, however, over the favour Uthman showed to his own Ummayad family, who seemed to enjoy a monopoly of influential and lucrative appointments. He did not receive any gifts, nor did he allow any of his family members to accept any gifts from any quarter. The weakness and nepotism of Uthman brought to a head the resentment which had for some time been stirring obscurely among the Arab warriors. With hard work and honesty, his business flourished, making him one of the richest men in Medina. [40][41][42], Uthman was a shrewd businessman and a successful trader from his youth, which contributed greatly to the Rashidun Empire. Uthman was killed by muslims becouse he burned 7 different QURANs (QURAN no.1 belonging to Hafsa,) (QURAN no2,belonging to Ali..etc…and because he changed chronology of revelations ei.first revelation was placed in chapter 96 ?..and last revalation was placed in chapter 5 ?.and all suras were placed according to lenght,not according to cronology.. [15][page needed], Uthman and his wife, Ruqayya, migrated to Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia) in April 615, along with ten Muslim men and three women. Although Uthman still drew no personal allowance from the treasury, nor did he receive a salary, as he was a wealthy man with sufficient resources of his own, but, unlike Umar, Uthman accepted gifts and allowed his family members to do likewise from certain quarters. However, when Umar died in November 644 the tiny group of disciples responsible for choosing the new caliph passed over Ali and selected a seventy-year-old, Uthman ibn Affan, a merchant prince of Mecca, who had been another early convert. Abu Nu`aym, Hilya al-Awliya' 1:92–100 #3; al-Dhahabi, Siyar A`lam al-Nubala' 1/2: 566–614 #4. It has lasted ever since and its murderous consequences are all too evident now in Iraq. He became a merchant like his father, and his business flourished, making him one of the richest men among the Quraysh. It was the first time that western Balochistan had come directly under the laws of the Caliphate and it paid an agricultural tribute.[60][61]. Malik said: ‘When Uthman [ra] was killed, they threw him in the garbage for three days’ These narrations show that after his murder, Uthman’s body remained unattended for three days, neither did anyone take measures to bury him nor was his funeral read. [66], The early stage of the siege of Uthman's house was not severe, but, as the days passed, the rebels intensified the pressure against Uthman. From Egypt, Kufa, and Basra, contingents of about 1,000 people apiece were sent to Medina, each with instructions to assassinate Uthman and overthrow the government. [24] They went so far as to impose authoritarianism over their provinces. [18], In 622, Uthman and his wife, Ruqayya, were among the third group of Muslims to migrate to Medina. [102], From an expansionist perspective, Uthman is regarded as skilled in conflict management, as is evident from how he dealt with the heated and troubled early Muslim colonies, such as Kufa and Basra, by directing the hot-headed Arab settlers to new military campaigns and expansions. As caliph ʿUthmān promulgated an official recension of the Qurʾān, which had existed in various versions. Apparently ʿUthmān was selected as a compromise, when the more powerful candidates cancelled each other out. This began the major split in Islam between the Shia, who regard Ali as the Prophet’s true heir, and their opponents, the Sunni. She was pushed aside, and further blows were struck on Uthman till he was dead. However, it is clear that the Muslims did conquer some portion of Spain during the caliphate of Uthman, presumably establishing colonies on its coast. If Talhah joined the committee within this period, he was to take part in the deliberations, but if he did not return to Medina within this period, the other members of the committee could proceed with the decision. In 656 armed men from Egypt arrived in Medina and demanded the dismissal of the Egyptian governor, which the caliph pretended to grant. His most influential achievement was the creation of the first definitive written edition of the Koran, completed by 650. Uthman thus became one of the earliest converts to Islam, following Ali, Zayd, Abu Bakr and a few others. [75] Naila followed the funeral with a lamp, but, in order to maintain secrecy, the lamp had to be extinguished. But despite this, according to Wilferd Madelung, he was chosen by the electors as the only strong counter candidate to Ali as he alone could to some extent rival Ali's close kinship ties with Muhammad. [52][53][clarification needed] The opposing forces clashed at Sabuthilag (or Sufetula), which became the name of this battle. Under Uthman, the people became more prosperous and on the political plane they came to enjoy a larger degree of freedom. [57] Later, the governor of Basra, Abdullah ibn Aamir also led a number of successful campaigns, ranging from the suppression of revolts in Fars, Kerman, Sistan, and Khorasan, to the opening of new fronts for conquest in Transoxiana and Afghanistan. Uthman soon fell under the influence of the dominant Meccan families and one after another, the high posts of the Empire went to members of those families. Shortly thereafter, however, another group of rebels besieged ʿUthmān in his home, and, after several days of desultory fighting, he was killed. [79], The resistance against Uthman arose because he favoured family members when choosing governors, reasoning that, by doing this, he would be able to exact more influence on how the caliphate was run and consequently improve the capitalist system he worked to establish. [32], Umar had been very strict in the use of money from the public treasury—indeed, apart from the meagre allowance that had been sanctioned in his favour, Umar took no money from the treasury. Muhammad replied that "Uthman is modest and shy and if l had been informal with him, he would not have said what he had come here to say". [71] Na'ila, Uthman's wife, threw herself on his body to protect him and raised her hand to deflect a sword. Moreover, letters were sent to the leaders of public opinion in different provinces concerning the reported mishandling of power by Uthman's family. [6][35] Thus, within 20 years of Muhammad's death, the Quran was committed to written form. Some of Uthman's slaves counter-attacked, one of whom killed the assassin and was in turn killed by the rebels. The next blow killed Uthman. ʿUthmān may even have sent an emissary to China in 651; by the end of the 7th century Arab Muslims were trading there. [73] The body was lifted at dusk, and because of the blockade, no coffin could be procured. Some slaves of Uthman fell on the person whose blows had killed Uthman and killed him. One way he displayed this was his habit of splitting war booty among his relatives to the exclusion of the combatants. Some Muslim sources claim that after the conquest of northern Africa was completed by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari,[54] Abdullah ibn Sa'd continued to Spain. [7] His reign also saw widespread protests and unrest that eventually led to armed revolt and his assassination. Uthman had a reputation of favouring family members. [56], To the east, Ahnaf ibn Qais, chief of Banu Tamim and a veteran commander who conquered Shustar earlier, launched a series of further military expansions by further mauling Yazdegerd III near Oxus River in Turkmenistan[57][58] and later crushing a military coalition of Sassanid loyalists and Hephthalite Empire in the Siege of Herat. [22], In about AD 650, Uthman began noticing slight differences in pronunciation of the Quran as Islam expanded beyond the Arabian Peninsula into Persia, the Levant, and North Africa. ʼAffân in Three ʻAbbasid Chronicles",, Sahabah who participated in the battle of Uhud, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox royalty with unknown parameters, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from September 2015, Articles needing additional references from July 2013, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from June 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2013, Articles with failed verification from July 2018, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2019, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 16:00.


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