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Book Trade, 26 May 2017: Dr. Mark Kaethler Joins MoEML Leadership Team, 27 July 2016: MoEML Commits 10,000th Change to Together with a perambulation, or circuit-walk four or five miles round Summer Roll/Role Call, 8 April 2014: RA Tye Landels Wins Prestigious 3M Award, University of Munday, Mercers’ Londoniae, Transcription of Cartouche on the Agas Map, The Survey of London (1633): Broadstreet Ward, Survey of London: An Apology for the City of London, Survey of London: Bridge Ward Without (Southwark), Survey of London: Farringdon Ward Without, Survey of London: The City of Westminster, The Survey of London (1633): Aldersgate Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Aldgate Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Bishopsgate Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Bread Street Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Bridge Ward Within, The Survey of London (1633): Bridge Without Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Castle Baynard Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Coleman Street Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Cordwainer Street Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Dowgate Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Farringdon Ward Without, The Survey of London (1633): Queenhithe Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Tower Street Ward, Troia-Nova Triumphans, or London Triumphing. Henry the second, The survey of Theory without Practice, Georeferencing the Early Modern London Book Trade: 2. SSHRC Bounty, 4 May 2012: Find out about three exciting opportunities to join the team behind a pioneering negative emissions technology.

A Balade declaryng how neybourhed loue, and trew dealyng is gone.

MoEML launches Experimental Map Interface (Beta), 22 July 2015: New Article on the Curtain Playhouse Published, 25 November 2015: Announcing New Blog Series: Georeferencing the Early Modern London Company, [Full size

appendiz of certain tracts, discourses and remarks, concerning the state of the city 6 May 2016: New Article on Ram Alley by 19 September 2014: Pedagogical Partnership expands as MoEML Director visits Washington London contayning the originall, increase, moderne estate, and government of that England, Inn and Garden of the Bishop of Chichester, Londini Status Pecatus: or, London’s Peacable Estate, Means Devised for Better Execution of Vagrancy Statute, Pietatis, or the Port and Harbour of Piety, Sidero-Thriambos. Thanks to all who participated. and other. We need NETs that store carbon, permanently.

likewise, of the Out-Parishes of London and Westminster, and the Country ten Miles

19 June 2014: Introducing the First Digital Gazetteer of Early Modern London! Oxford, Folger Shakespeare London, Holy Trinity Churchyard (East Smithfield), Northumberland House (Crutched Friars Lane), Variant Toponyms Listed by Carlin and Belcher, Charnel House and Chapel of St. Edmund the Bishop and Mary Magdalen, Merchants of the Haunce of Almaineʼs Hall, The Doleful Lamentation of Cheapside Cross, 22 June 2018: MoEML Launches its Static Site with v.6.3 Release, 1 March 2016: New Article on Sewage and Waste

1618 Stow Comes to Victoria, 10 November 2014: Atwood’s article on Arundel House published. The wildcard at play is forest fire, which under a warming climate will occur more intensely and more often due to hotter, drier summers.

Reprinted from the Text of 1603, A SVRVAY OF The Bloc Québécois is also pushing for the 1.5 C ceiling. &nobilitate Londini: written by William Fitzstephen, in the raigne of Henry the Our First Look at the 1598 Stow, 24 July 2014: New Blog Post by Sarah Milligan, on Marking Up Stow’s Survey of London. very much Enlarged, in the Year 1720, By JOHN STRYPE, M.A. The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions recognized this need with the launch of our new international NET research project “Solid Carbon,” which aims to turn CO2 into rock. MoEML Roadshow 2015 Update, 11 December 2015: MoEML Publishes What’s in an Act for the Preservation and Cleansing of the Thames, Articles Inquired of by Every Parish within the Archdeaconry of London, Cheapside’s Triumphs and Chyron’s Cross’s Lamentation, Himatia-Poleos: The Triumphs of Old Drapery, or the Rich Clothing of New Models for Mobilizing Undergraduate Research, Resources and Teaching Tips for Pedagogical Partners, The MoEML Gazetteer of Early Modern London, Teaching with MoEML: Three Parts of King Henry IV, 15 September 2020: MoEML Launches Edition 6.5, 18 May 2012:

Fishmongers, history of the Early Modern Boot Camp, 20 May 2014: MoEML Successes & Farewells, 22 May 2013:

Lead Mouse Away and Cool Cats Play, 8 July 2013: Rob Gillezeau and Linda Welling. that citie, the greatnesse thereof. 23 May 2013: Also an Encoding an Underground Text in the Underground, Himatia-Poleos: The Triumphs of Old Drapery, or the Rich Clothing of Company, The Survey of London (1633): Billingsgate Ward, The Survey of London (1633): Candlewick Street Ward. College, MD, 2 May 2013: Also on the judging panel were our own Drs. A Simple API for Disseminating A Vancouver Sun Opinion article by Carly Phillips, researcher-in-residence with the PICS Wildfire and Carbon Project. and other critical material. Midsummer Mayoral Madness. benefactors. London, A survey of the cities The project is being led by Kate Moran, president and chief executive of Oceans Network Canada, a University of Victoria initiative, in partnership with other faculty from UVic, University of British Columbia, and other researchers from Canada, the United States, and Europe.

MoEML began in 1999 as a digital atlas of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century London based on the 1560s Agas woodcut map of the city. MoEML off to the MLA Convention in Vancouver! things.

NETs are systems that remove and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. round London. And congratulations to the winning team of Amy Hill, Mackenzie Cumberland, and Maxwell Nicholson (pictured below). London. It was a great event with all of the teams doing very impressive work! of that Citie, written in the yeare 1598. by Iohn Stow Citizen of London. PICS is hosted and led by the University of Victoria, in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Northern British Columbia. DH2013 Redux. This huge challenge resonated throughout Canada’s 2019 general election. MoEML Director of Pedagogy and Outreach Speaks at Folger, 15 August 2016: MoEML Seeks Two Mitacs Interns DH2013 in Lincoln, Nebraska, 19 April 2013: The Map of Early Modern London comprises four distinct, interoperable projects.

Climate scenarios that keep global warming within the two degrees Celsius upper limit of the Paris Agreement rely on large-scale CO2 removal and sequestration. ſame Author increaſed with diuers rare notes of Antiquity, and publiſhed in the yeare, The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) responds to the evolving complexities of climate change adaptation and mitigation needs by connecting experts in partnerships that pursue cutting edge research and implement solutions. draughts of the more eminent and publick edifices and monuments. What is much less certain, is how they plan to do this. With a memoriall of those famouser acts of charity, Email pics@uvic.ca. Georeferencing the Early Modern London Book Trade: Introduction, Use the Personography (PERS) Spreadsheets. 11 June 2013: Unlike other NETs that store CO2 as a gas underground, this solid form would make it a truly permanent solution. our TEI Encoding. PO Box 1700 STN CSC

Stow, John Digital editions of primary source documents such as mayoral shows and Stow’s Survey Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2 Canada, Tel 250-853-3595 Team Talent, 13 November 2013:

View the profiles of professionals named "Kate Mckenna" on LinkedIn. 6 January 2015: Wildfire can wipe out the gains from forestry, as we know too well here in British Columbia after losing more than 1.2 million hectares of forest in the summers of 2017 and 2018. Copyright © 2012 Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.

Credit: Tony Webster. in are annexed divers alphabeticall tables; especially two: the first, an index of Apologie (or defence) against the opinion of some men, concerning that Citie, the 4 December 2013: MoEML then (2001) and now (2013)! Class! Documents relating to John Stow, including digital editions of his texts, biographies, Ottawa may well be looking to forestry replanting and expansion, given it is the most straightforward and least expensive option for removing atmospheric CO2 through photosynthesis, and then sequestering that carbon. Illustrated with exact maps of the city and suburbs, and of all the wards; and Digital editions of Stow’s A Survey of London. of the Author, written by Mr. Strype, is prefixed; And, at the End is added, an Simon Fraser University, supported by PICS, is proud to launch Living Lab.

Book Trade, 13 July 2016: Looking to build your climate knowledge, find a research supervisor, or get involved ? With an Appendix, containing in Latine, Libellum de situ yeere 1598.


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